Monday, April 7, 2008

Monday, Daniels Mountain, and Complete Silence.

Today, it was simply incredible. The weather was amazing, foggy in the morning, but clear with some feathery alto stratus haze in the evening, making for a pink fantasy world sky. I got to drive a snow machine for the first time in my life. It was a blast, Ralph and Annie let me follow them up to Daniel's Mountain about 8 miles outside of town. With the snow rocket sled firmly planted between my legs, I felt a guilty pleasure shoot adrenaline through my body. It was like skiing, you had to pick your line ahead a bit, also like BMX bike jumping, you had rollers and times when you had to accelerate and wheelie, and like what I imagine riding a motorcycle is like . It was a blast. I only got up to about 50 mph but it was still a rush. We covered ground so fast. I got to see parts of Nunivak I've never seen. From the top of Daniel's Mountain (a 200 foot hill) you could almost see the edges of the island. It really is a huge Island. Mekoryuk and the airstrip seemed like tiny flecks in the white expanse. We laughed and joked and then we all just went silent. It was the first time I've heard silence in a long time. My house creaks and pops, the generators run, snow machines always running, dogs barking. But out there on top of that mole hill it was completely silent.

Ralph pointed out all the hills and bumps and harbors. He is a really knowledgeable guy. Annie took tons of pictures. As soon as I get them I'll post them on the blog, unfortunately my internet is suuuper slow tonight so everyone will have to wait. I totally want people to come visit me next year around this time just for that simple adventure. It was amazing. Unfortunately I didn't get to participate in cultural week today because I was helping a senior finish up some work. I'll keep everyone posted though. Have a good week!


Susan Iverson said...

I'm glad you got to live your dream of driving a snow machine. Now there is no need to ride a motorcycle, right? It sounds like a beautiful day. Can't wait to see the pictures. Isn't technology grand?!

Fervently Funked said...

This is too weird. I was going to ask you if anyone had taken you around the island. I knew Ralph had taken Annie before. I'm so glad you did that! I remember the first time I heard silence on the tundra too. Well, the first time I connected with it, it was spring & the birds were out & about. My first winter connection, it was silent. Silence has a lot of power.

Now you know why we like snow-machining in from here to Bethel (26 mi). I love it when we stop on the way to the tree line too. Good times!

P.S. 50 is pretty darn fast on a snow-go!

{We released school early, so I'm stalking my friends via their blogs. Aren't you happy you can be a part of that?!}

Reese-E said...

I would love to come visit and see Alaska! Maybe Mason and I can plan a trip sometime! As for snowmachining, is it different than snowmobiling? It looks sorta different. I absolutely love snowmobiling! I'm too scared of heights to snow ski (stupid chairlifts) but I can ride a snowmobile around for hours!

And thanks for the encouragement about my addiction. I suppose I'll hang in there until I start putting blue cheese on my breakfast cereal. Then I'll turn myself over to the experts. ;)

Btw, I just now noticed that your sweater has polka dots on it. That is one crazy sweater! Where in the world did you get something like that?

Mr. Kale Iverson said...

Reese, Everywhere else I've been in the world they call them snow mobiles. Here they're the same thing but called snow machines, snowgos, or sleds. It wasn't as hard as everyone makes it out to be. I did have a wider track and was on good snow but I think I could handle some crazier stuff. I even caught some air.

I got the sweater from a store called "Woolies" in Anchorage, Alaska (they have two stores). Its pretty much the coolest sweater I've ever owned or will own. Its made by a company called "Woolen" est. 1987 from Bellingham, Washington. I don't know where else to get them. The best part by far is the kick ass wizard hood.

To get here from LA would probably cost over $1000 bucks Round trip air fair but if you got the $$$$ you're welcome to come. You'll probably blow it one Bleu Cheese though...the cost of addiction.

alisha said...


If you ever did make the trip up here, you could stop in Bethel and I'd be glad to show you around here too. You have to come through Bethel to get to Mekoryuk anyway, so it wouldnt cost extra.

Same goes for any of Kale's awesome friends and family!

Reese-E said...

now you guys are making me want to plan a trip! thanks, alisha! that would be awesome!

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