Friday, April 4, 2008


Well the end of this surreal week of state testing and Into The Wild is over. I wore my overalls as usual (no one appreciated them) and did art with my students all day. My principal basically said, um, well, you're gonna have all the kids that aren't taking the HSGQE for science and, um, well, you're gonna have to keep em till half day at least. I said great, art day. When it dawned on me a couple of weeks ago that my kids didn't know primary, secondary, or mixing colors I made them a color wheel and forced them to do it today. They could choose the supplies, pastels, paint, crayons, colored pencil, watercolors. They fought it, but then they gave into the colors. After finishing I opened up the flood gates to working on Mod Podge boxes, painting, drawing, coloring, or blogging. And I'm so glad I did, I got some great work today!

At the end of the day I made a list of what I wanted to do this weekend. I'll type it up for you, It goes as follows:

-plan out next week of class
-Finish SPED Class Assignment
-Rearrange classroom
-Finish EDU610 Thematic Unit
-Don't have a cow.
-Return Napoleon Dynamite
-Scout Tundra for Nature Walk next week
-See the Northern Lights
-Record two songs that don't suck
-Make Banana Pancakes
-Recharge calling card, again.
-Talk to Randall
-Call Tacoma Subaru for tune-up
-Make apartment less disastrous
-Smile at someone randomly
-Do Yoga
-Make Fettuccine
-Watch "Easy Rider"
-Try not to cut beard into sweet Dennis Hopper mustache (just joking, I just added that one now!)

I wonder if I'll get all that done. (Already recorded a good song and I haven't seen any cows). Well I hope you all have a really __________ weekend (insert type of weekend you need into the blank). I'll be attempting at lest 23% of the tasks listed above. Peace friends!


ms. cugno to some said...

"I never ever saw the northern lights..."

hopefully you do, that'd be nice. I'm glad you have things like that on your to do list.

Of COURSE you can make my poem a song!! Let me know when it's finished??


Susan Iverson said...

You should put your music website on your favorite links. I just listened to your new song. It is so you. Not only are you talented but you reach people with your words. You have already made a difference in this world, you just don't realize it.

Alaskan Teacher Mentor Pat said...

You forgot to put "email Kay for her birthday on your to-do list". Looks like you all survived the testing week- actually that is part of the test- can you all survive. I'm glad you made the best of your Friday! Did you get the science videos I sent out from Library Media? I'll skype you this week. Keep your chins up!

alisha said...

Avery and I want you to know that after that Iversious-Wizard of the North pic, you have officially earned your place in club Dorkus Maximus. Avery, founder of Club Dorkus Maximus, will be sending out your membership materials soon.

alisha said...

And...what we really want to know is...who do you get to take these pics for you?

Mark said...

Heya man, I get a kick out of reading your blog whenever I think about it, This testing thing got me thinking, in the down time I busted out some chess boards and sundry games for my students to play when they were done. Man did they enjoy it, I am thinking of starting maybe a chess/games club at my school. This got me going thinking about other clubs, and I let my students play my guitar for a little bit and a few of them could play quite a few songs, and there is huge interest with electronic keyboards, I would guess that half of my students know how to play songs on it so I am also thinking of doing a music club where kids can bring their instruments and just kind of play whatever they feel. Have you thought of any clubs you would want to start out there maybe with the art or anythign?


Fervently Funked said...
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Fervently Funked said...


Brother Star,
Those boxes are super fly! Your students look so content too. I also like how it seems like personalities were expressed even through the color wheel activity.

Did you get that 23% of your list accomplished? You forgot to add "creatively strap a phone to my head & call it an 'Eskimo cell phone'."

Mark, I'm glad you're being proactive & volunteering your time to give these kids something productive to do!

keep rockin'!

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