Saturday, April 12, 2008

Mystery of the Books Continued.

I got another book today from a blog reader I assume, and the book is amazing. I don't know who it is that is sending these books, but I'm going to call you "The Expander" because these books that I'm being sent seem to know more about my life and interests than I could imagine someone could get from my blog. So I can say I'm deeply perplexed and intrigued by these random and appreciated books from The Expander.

Todays postal morsel of joy is possibly called "Remember, Be Here Now" by Richard Alpert, Ph.D who later turned into Baba Ram Dass. I can't really be sure on the title because it never really says. The first quarter of the book is printed in regular words and is about this guy's transformation through various substances to a spiritual life and yoga (I will read it and describe it better Expander so please don't think less of me for this brief explanation) and then the rest of the book is printed on Grocery Brown Bag type paper that appear to be printings of collages and screen prints of amazing pictures, words and thoughts. The end contains some additional text called "The Cook Book for a Sacred Life" which seems to outline how to live life.

I'll report more on both of the Expanders first books when I investigate them further. The reason I think I'm so receptive to these books are that this person doesn't seem to want to be recognized for giving them to me. Which is partly why I am frustrated with religion at times, the books, words and things seem like a person is pressing their reality on you when they give them to you. Like, this is my thing you think it now, Like a little part of their consciousness is being pushed on you. The Expander is Radiating Warmth my way, because I can't know who they are, so they're removing there "self" from the exchange of reality alteration. This messes with me because my name is plastered all over this damn blog and I subject you all to my changing and evolving thoughts on reality and the meaning of life constantly. But, I also don't force it on you, you're here reading it on your own ticket, and that changes the dynamic I hope.

This whole thing has caused me to want to start sending people stuff anonymously. Like here is a big life changing thing right in your mailbox. Who sent it isn't important. You just get it whether you were expecting it or not.

Well, I have a pretty expansively busy Sunday ahead of me tomorrow. I got invited to a student's birthday party at noon after church.

There were some other things that happened today in village life that were very sad. I think out of respect for the family's mourning process, I'll wait to comment on till later this week. Needless to say I'll be attending Church at least once this week, something I haven't done for months now.

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