Friday, April 11, 2008

Overalls Friday

YEAH BABY! We made it, whew! I feel like this week was super chill here at school with a sneakily exhausting undertone. The Anchorage girls visiting our school for urban school exchange left today, I'm sure they had a fantastic time learning about village life. They had amazing weather and got to participate in culture week at school, so lucky. I had a fantastic time enjoying a quiet school again today. When they attended my biology class it soared the roster to almost 20 students in one room. I forgot what it was like to teach that many kids. The boys started showing off, the girls grouped up and got chatty. It was like watching a flock of birds or a herd of antelope.

Its so amazing to me that when more girls are around, the boys started calling each other "Fag" "Queer" and "Homo" and also hitting each other. This further supports the theory that a man's sexual prowess, power and prestige come from their masculinity. Teen age boys undermine each other's masculinity in order to impress the female (which is horrible). If you want to make me go ape shit as a teacher just call someone one of those names. I LOSE IT! Girls go about undermining each others desirability in different ways, they play complex social games that undermine each other's appearance and physical desirability. That is why I heard so many "What is she wearing?" "Her hair is ugly" and things like that under the breaths of my female students this week. I wonder if my students know that I often look at them like biological specimens in a social laboratory? Well just because I understand what is going on doesn't mean I accept it. My classroom will be free gender, racial, and sexual discrimination. Period.

In lighter news, I hosted open gym today. I made a roller rink mix on the iTunes and busted out our as of yet unused rollerblades! It was hilarious and they seemed to have a blast. Do you remember the roller rink? I do. I loved the roller rink. "Downtown" and all the other crappy music, the smell of feat, slushies, holding hands and skating, video games, nachos, falling. To bad the gym floor is soft and prevents and sort of preferable speed.

It looks like I have some community activities this weekend. I'm gonna go help some people with their computer tomorrow, and I got invited to one of my students birthday parties on Sunday. I also have to finish my Special Education "Teaching Self Determination" Class assignments for UAF. I'm almost done. But then there is planning 7 periods of educational instruction for next week.

Tonight I'm gonna curl up and watch "Across the Universe." It looks amazing and maybe I'll find the Beatles songs more tolerable when other people sing them. I'm really nervous about seeing one of my most despised musicians play one of my all time idols. BONO (baaaaaaaarf) play counterculture father/hero Ken Kesey. Trust me, I'll have something to say about it afterwards.

Due to my wishing and hoping, and a convenient ticketing error, I will be flying to Anchorage next Thursday to chaperon one boy on his way to Washington D.C. for one night with our "Close Up" History class. It also happens to just be the same weekend that Michael Franti and Spearhead are playing in Anchorage. It also just so happens that the only tickets left are for the free night I have and as long as I cover rental car and hotel the plane tickets will be free! Thats like 700 bucks! So if you don't believe in positive thought rethink your thinking of those thoughts!

Lastly, I got a book in the mail today. I have not idea who sent it to me. Its called "The Natural Mind" by Andrew Weil M.D. and I started reading it already. Its good so far. If you want me to read a book, (since I subconsciously poo poo suggestions for some reason) then you need to secretly and mysteriously send me a book, the mystery alone is enough to perk my interest. So now, FESS UP whoever you are because you're cool and I want to thank you. The coolest part was that it was addressed to "Gather Light Radiate Warmth Power to the Peaceful P.O. Box 102" yada yada yada. How cool.

Have a good weekend!

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Anonymous said...

it's me the expander... I thought you knew I was sending you these books but if it is a mystery to you right now then I think I will let that remain. I hope those books expand you as they have me.

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