Saturday, March 8, 2008

Saturday Pics Thoughts and Song

Well, after three days of no school I am bored. I a have blogged my brains out, watched movies, wrote and recorded songs, read, sunbathed on a snow hill, gone to the post office and store twice and now I'm bored. The day started with a knock at the door. At 11 am Leroy a local person who might actually be the beginnings of a regular friends possibility, dropped by to see if I wanted to go fishing on the other side of the island. I totally would have but he was ready to go and I just woke up. Rats.

Then I went to the post office to pick up nothing but bills, ech. After that I went to school and made lesson plans but really spent most of my time chatting on Skype. Rats.

So now I'm home, I have a headache, making dinner, just watched the Killers, then Spoon on Austin City Limits and am glad I don't like popular indy rock (which is a oxymoron).

The issue I'd like to bring up is kind of serious. Its a simple question. Just answer it.
DO I BLOG TOO MUCH. The reason I ask is because I read a lot of other people's blogs and most people don't write as much as me, which is giving me a complex like I'm a freak. And I seem to be the only one putting this much information on my blog. I don't think its because I'm awesome or cooler than anyone, I think its more because I'm a pathetic friendless dork and I have too much time on my hands. I love to read other peoples blogs but some people wait weeks for their next post. Maybe I need to scale back and really think about what I put on it. Or do I? I don't know. Is it hard to keep up with? Does it matter if you keep up? Can't you just read any part of it? What do people want me to do? Isn't the blog mine anyways? Isn't it kind of a log of my life and realizations that I'm sharing with you all? Shouldn't I choose how much Radiate Warmth there is? I'm so confused at times but then again I also realize that this summer I won't be writing as much. Thats right, if you are a RW junky you need to be prepared. I'm gonna be rocking out this summer so that means less posting. Are we all ready for that, myself included?

I don't know but here's how its gonna go for a while (how its been going)
Sunday: Weekly Update will not change, this is the cornerstone of the blog and will always keep growing.
Monday:? See Whats Become of My Sunday (how the week is starting off so you know your not alone)
Tuesday:? Bluesday or Amuseday (How the week is progressing insights gained blah blah)
Wednesday: Humpday Umpdate, becoming a personal fave (like update from the trenches and a realigning of the weeks goals)
Thursday:? Shmursday or The Pretend Friday (Looking forward to the weekend or enjoying the week)
Friday: Overalls Friday (The Week in Review, looking back rah rah rah)
Saturday: Scatterday (Lazy weekend musings and recreational activity thoughts)

Other features will include:
Readers Choice Topics: Since no one has suggested a topic really I'll keep making them up and you keep picking them!

Old Iverson Pictures of the Day: These old pictures are half hilarious half digital conversion of old photos. So I'll keep the captions short as to not waste your time. If you want a further explanation just comment and I'll respond. As you can see these are from a long time ago. On the left pic you have my brother Hal, Dad (Mark) and Best Friend Sean Alexander at Huntington Beach California my senior summer 2001 (To think that was the beginnings of this amazing beard you see today!) The picture on the right was officially the last photo of me with a clean shaven face I think (High School Graduation for Mom). Pictured is my best friends (Left to right) Sean Alexander, Mike Ball and Kyle Dufault.

Song of the Day: I have about 60 songs I've recorded, and its taking me forever to send it out to people. I also want more people to have access to it. So I'll add a song a day till they're all up then more as they're made. I'll do a better job of labeling the song and album name.

This one is called "Its You" from the Album "Conducive To The Good Times" The lyrics are posted some where on this blog a while ago as a poem. They don't really mean anything important and were inspired by a Sigur Ros song.

IF ANYONE HAS BLOG IDEAS, ADVICE, THOUGHTS or REQUESTS then PLEASE let me know. Good day to you sirs and madams.


alisha said...


The answer to your question is so totally do not blog too much. Yes, I would have to say you blog more than most, but so do I. And I agree it is because there is nothing else to do, but what a great way to express yourself and stay connected with people and the world. No, you should not scale it back. No, it is not hard to keep up with. No, it does not matter if it is. Yes, the blog is yours. Yes, it is a log of your life and realizations. Yes, you should choose how much Radiate Warmth there is.

I look forward to your blog each day, but that may have something to do with how equally as lame my life is. When I first started blogging, my goal was to blog for other people as a way to keep in touch, but now I blog for me as a way to keep track of life and as a way to vent. I think you should do whatever you feel is right for your blog, but I know that you will.

I think your answer should be obvious based on how many readers you have. over 30 per day! the answer is an overwhelming NO! You dont blog too much. We love reading your blog! Keep it up! Please! It gives me something to do. If not for your sanity, then for mine!

We're in the home stretch now...only 11 weeks til SSSSSUUUUUUMMMMMMMMMMEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRR! There...I said it! Summer!

Anonymous said...

Although the above comment was posted by someone who owns a secondhand t-shirt with the quote "My blog is better than yours" written across it, I would have to agree with her. I look forward to reading all the new teachers' blogs, and unlike most of them, you update on a regular basis. Judging by the number of readers you have, I am not the only one.
By the way- Dillingham, while pretty, is really full of a bunch of wild fishermen. The fans here were ruthless!

Vicki said...

I wouldn't say you write too much, but that's coming from someone who doesn't really keep up with it much because I don't get a chance to drop in too often. I can completely understand the fact that it's the sanest communication you can take part in when you're isolated in a village. It's been a few days since all the other kassaq teachers left for the break, and I'm already talking to my dog a lot more, as well as blogging more. It's just a matter of what it takes to keep you sane!

As for me, maybe I should start talking to the dog less and do more blogging :) I would blog a whole lot more, but I literally don't get a free minute most days (with this break being the exception). I finally have free time after school these days (not doing an extra-curriculars), but there I go and blow it by starting daily homework help sessions rotating by subject... I just love to torture myself, I guess.

So, my long-winded answer to whether or not you yourself are long winded is... who gives a shit if you are?

positivelystephie said...

It is your blog! you must do this for yourself more then anyone else. Who cares what anyone thinks. Are you having fun with your blog? does it keep you occupied, make you feel connected, make you feel a purpose to your days and weeks and most important are you having fun???!!! Does writing and sharing help you sort things out in your life, come to more clear realizations? Would you write like you do if no one ever visited your page ever??? This (if the google stays up and running forever!) can be something you can look back on and read like a journal.. anyone who wants to know everything that is going on with you can. I have to say although i am trying to make this dot in germany really big before i leave here i don't always have time to read everyday. But i get to pick and choose, and love the way you write. So I say go for it.. if it is fun and not a chore.. you don't owe anyone anything, but you owe yourself all the best!
love you and can't wait to see you!!

alisha said...

Actually, my second hand T-shirt says, "My blog can beat up your blog." Then it has a box that says, "Comments".

Mr. Kale Iverson said...

Holy Crap, Thanks guys! Well, You asked for it, I will unleash the Iverson flood gates of thought brimstone and happy hellfire.

I think the funniest thing is that everyone gave me advice my blog and no one commented on the rare high school pics of a beardless kale! No snickers or peanut gallery comments? Well you are all very nice. Thank you.

hdt said...

I think you should keep doing what you are doing. In response to your other questions on my blog, I don't know if my readership has increased but I do really appreciate your comments and add on. I totally am seeing the results of my positive thinking and honestly it has been your influence and support, among other things, that has helped. So go ahead and Radiate enough Warmth that Al Gore has to write another book!

Reese-E said...

I agree with everybody, Kale! I feel like I'm a slacker because I don't post on my blogs everyday! I'd love to if I had the time. I think daily posts make for a great blog! So keep 'em coming! :)

Oh, and I can't remember if you have Dave Matthews at The Gorge on your summer concert list, but it should be! If you're still around in August, be there or be square.

Anonymous said...

Obviously, as a way to keep up with what you are doing, feeling, thinking I love the length and frequency of your blog. I also love the old photos thing. You know I like to live in the past when you were still home where I could experience the person you are every day. Please don't stop! Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

No, you don't blog too much! I love reading your blog and I'm a stranger who randomly came across it while searching for a live Michael Franti show I wanted to hear. Sometimes, when I'm overwhelmed at work, I'll go catch up on your blog to discover some fabulous new song or positive thought that will change my whole day! Thank you for that! Love, from pdx.

Mr. Kale Iverson said...

Random reader: One: you rule cuz you listen to Franti, Two: I'm glad this blog cheers you up Three: also you rule for reading even though you don't know me, it makes me wonder how many other random readers there are, well, you are welcome here, read away!

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