Saturday, March 22, 2008

Lazy as Crap and bored as hell.

Sat on my ass urday. Jeez lou eeeeese. I drew and water colored this yesterday. It was the last productive thing I did. I slept in till 11 am because of a very very late night phone call from an old friend. I went to the post office and to the store, cruised by the school, got some paperwork and worked on some schoolwork till dinner time. Man, I have so much school work to plan for the rest of the year and I'm starting to feel like I'm running out of material. I have a bunch of class work for other classes to do, kind of stressful. I'll probably work tomorrow on Easter, just to prove what a non Holiday it is for me. If I was home I would get to search for easter eggs in the house that my mom hid, she still does this even though we are in our 20's which is embarrassing and cool.

I'm totally freaking bored out of my mind. I'm that level of bored where I can't even do anything because I've already done the crap out of it. Guitar, draw, paint, write poetry, read, take a walk, I've done it all so many times they are just boring. I got cabin fever bad. I want to get the heck out of this town for a bit. I get to leave on Friday for Bethel...(unenthusiastic yay). Its okay though, I'm excited to see my first year teacher friends! You guys rule. First years in the house! I wish I had something more interesting to say, but alas, I don't. So I am going to settle on the couch like a fat lard and watch more second rate old overpriced rental movies from the rip store across the street, tonight Nacho Libre and Rumor Has It, yep can you smell the bottom of the barrel as I scrape it? I did watch the Big Lebowski last night, thats a hell of a film masterpiece right there. Okay, I'm done, this post is rather pathetic actually, kind of like my Saturday, unenthusiastic and lazy. The highlight of my day has been the French press coffee I drank the whole day and the Umphrey's McGee podcasts I've been listening too.
I'll perk up for the weekend update tomorrow hopefully. Night night.

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hdt said...

Sometimes you've got to have days like that in order to have really amazing ones later. Just think, while you had a lazy day, someone maybe in like Washington had an awesome Saturday.

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