Friday, March 21, 2008

Overalls Friday and Larry the magical emerald encrusted snail.

Today is Friday. I'm not going to say much. I feel like Steve Prefontaine on the last laps against the Finnish Nemesis at the Olympics, I started strong, wowed the crowd and worried the Fins, but I think I kicked myself out and didn't leave much for the final laps. But I did my best and I guess that makes for an Overall good week.
I took some weird photos yesterday of a 9:25 sunset. Today its beautiful and I hope there is another one, although I might sleep early tonight.

The post yesterday flowed forth from me randomly and fluidly last night. After I wrote it I felt good. I wanted to draw really bad after. I was out of paper so I drew on the cardboard back of the empty pad. I just started drawing. I wasn't really sure what was going to come of it until it was finished. I looked at it, and I realized I had just drawn a snail. I wrote the words from the blog underneath, "Larry the magical emerald encrusted snail." I was pretty amazed that out of all the things I could have drawn that was what I ended up drawing and I really didn't plan to draw a snail. So below there he is. I'll write more this weekend, but to tell you the truth, I'm mush right now.Actually I talked to my brother on the phone for a while, and then I drew this tropical septor finned sucka fish from Bornio (not true, made that up). In response to HDT's comment, I never know what I'm gonna draw when I start. Whether its Larry up above there, or this sucka fish below I just start drawing until it starts to look like something. In the fish drawing below I used watercolor paints to color him in. Water colors are really hard, but I prefer them to color pencils because the color comes out so complete. I also like these little squares of cardstock I found in the art room.


hdt said...

What a great piece of art! Do you have a particular method of drawing or do you just sit and let whatever happens, happen? It is so intricate. I've been playing around with automatic drawing, something the Surrealists did, or "scribble drawing" as it can be referred to. You start somewhere on the page and don't lift the pencil til you fill the page with shapes, lines, etc. Then add some patterns if you want and see what appears..

positivelystephie said...

i wanted to give you a dot from spain!!! i am having the most amazing time wish you could be here!!! love you so so so much! can´t wait for summer!!

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