Saturday, February 16, 2008

Bright Lights, Big City.

Actually the lights are kind of dim, and the city is really small. Which is nice. I can't believe how unbelievably small it is. I wonder what the population is near. Its kind of the same size area wise as Spokane, but less people. Vertically there aren't very big buildings, it reminds me the size of Bellevue. It completely drives home how little people there are here in Alaska.

I went to REI and bought a new Nalgene, I thought I lost mine, then I found it. I bought some fleece lined crocs, they were cheap and comfortable. I ate at a restaurant for dinner! Yeah, I paid somebody to cook for me, it was rad but I have an upset stomach today. Then I went downtown to see the bright lights of the city at night. I saw a reggae cover band, they sucked big time, but I was happy to see anyone playing an instrument besides myself in the mirror...wait I don't do that...yet.

The class I'm taking is actually amazing. Its all about student self determination of Individual Education Plans, something that seems so basic to life (making decisions for ourselves) but after talking about it for a day I've realized that our big buildings, tests, theories, methods, norms, laws and institutions have basically only taught students/people how to NOT take control of their own lives in any way. Now in a tiny corner of the education world a movement is gaining momentum grassroots militia style to start letting special education kids plan their own futures! How awesome is that, after centuries of schooling we are at the point that the last hope for teaching kids some self motivation, action and choice in their education and lives is being carried on the backs of the disabled and the gritty force of educators that work with them. It is the most incredible, fantastic, ironic and perfect story I've ever heard. I mean I know its a crazy wacky new progressive thought to let students choose what they want for themselves with the support of those who can help them but I think people will come around (can you hear the sarcasm in my voice?) Its so crazy but if you've ever read the "Celestine Prophecy" a lot of what we're talking about in this class is like the First Insight. I think its possible that people might be out there that are starting to come to a higher level of spiritual intelligence, like humanity after all this industrial commercial time is now just finally starting to realize that we could be something more. Its starting I think, and that is exciting.
We are also talking about the power of choices and positive thoughts. This is just like the law of attraction from book the "The Secret."
Lastly, we are talking about unlearning all the crap that they are teaching in schools, learning to learn the way we used to when we still had control of our lives, when we walked about the earth as knowing participating creatures of the natural world. This is just like the teachings of the "Anastasia" book by Vladimir Megre I'm reading right now. Its like its all coming together right now!

Its crazy that the ideas in all of these "alternative" books, possibly enlightened insights about the progress of humanity, are all being talked about by a tiny little group of special educators in a small conference room in a hotel in a not so big city in a giant arctic desolate frozen state.

I'll have more to say on it tomorrow if I make it to the internet cafe again.

I'm staying at an awesome lady's place, her name is Kay, she gave me a bowl of cereal, coffee, ginger tea, and a I ride to the big city this morning. I'm almost out of batteries so until later power to the peaceful.


Anonymous said...

Dad and I are going to go there in March. Is there anything for him to do while I have to work during the day? He thinks he might try to go skiing one day but other than that, seems like he will be pretty bored. I am glad your seminar is valuable. That is always a bonus. Continue to have fun! Mom

Anonymous said...


I live in Wisconsin and my daughter teaches in Alaska. I read your teacher's blog today and saw your entry.

I was impressed with your entry. I work in a school and see kids, good kids, getting caught up in not so good activities. And what bothers me so much is that they are bright kids like you, I see it in your writing. I will check out your blog during the week.

I'm impressed with your teacher!


Mr. Kale, I lost my google acct. info, so I hope Allen will get this.

hdt said...

You've made me want to seriously check out the books you mentioned. Plus isn't it cool that the "change" might be coming from people considered misfits..It seems to always be that way.
Thanks for your comment on my blog. I'll have to respond to that later...hdt.

Eunice Maggie said...

Hey Mr. I, how did you the small city?? well, I dont know what else to say about Anch.

Anonymous said...

I have always wanted to be part of a grassroots militia style movement.
I'm going to my first student run IEP tomorrow morning. The boy I'm helping is amazing. He had a 5% chance of living a birth and now he's telling the world what he want's from life. I love it!
I'm glad I met you and I'm really enjoying reading your blog.


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