Thursday, February 7, 2008

Thursday, the pretend Friday

Thursday is like Friday, if you squint your eyes you can almost pretend its the weekend. The kids are trying to drive me crazy. I know it. I'm trying to do my best to keep showing them interesting material in biology. Next week we are doing a SOTA inspired biology/Valentine's Day art project that will have the kids making real heart diagram Valentine's for that special someone. The sentiment will run through the path of blood through the heart. One of my quieter students peeped out, "I'm glad we're doing this project, I miss art class," after class today. Makes you wonder.

Writing class is going well also. Blog madness has befallen the kiddies. They are starting to really trick their blogs out, to write in them of their own free will and wouldn't you know it, their writing is getting better by the day! I guess that is what happens when you let them actually write about things that matter to them...novel concept eh? I'm still deciding whether or not to link my blog to theirs. What do you think?

The Junior High girls, despite their basketball team membership, have been slipping dramatically in their studies. I will have to voice this with their parents and coach next week. They have also been testing individually all week. Have you ever tried to teach a 4 kid class to 3 kids? It would be like having 25% of your students missing. Impossible.

Fox Trapping course has come to and end. I will once again return to the joys of teaching health to high school boys. Rats. But it is contraceptive and STD time next week so I'm sure they will be very excited to learn about all of that. Nothing like a good lesson on Chlamydia to put that extra skip in your step.

JH girls basketball tournament this weekend. 40 young ladies in town to hit the hardwood. Looks like that damn sport, basketball, will take up yet another weekend of my life. I'm happy to support them though.

A week from tomorrow I'll be flying to Anchorage for a week straight of Special Education Conferencing. I'm excited to get of the rock, nervous to leave my kids for a week, and happy to finally spend some time in Anchorage. I'll be staying with some friends and hopefully getting a well needed rest for the big push this spring.

Student Art Society will meet on Thursday this next week for our first meeting of the year. I'm going to show the little buggers how to decoupage (mod podge). I'm excited to start things back up in that regard.

Thats all I have to report for today. Tomorrow is OVERALL FRIDAY...overall how has your week been?


Darcie said...

Stumbled across your blog and find it amusing.

Best wishes with your STD week!

Jessie said...

yes! please link their blogs to yours! i think that would be so great for people to relate to! thumbs up eskimo man!

Reese-E said...

You live in Alaska and you have Overall Fridays. I live in Los Angeles and I have Starbucks Fridays. Haha. That's funny to me for some reason.

How about that (3rd IN A ROW!!) Cougar loss last night? Sigh. So sad.

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