Friday, February 8, 2008

Overalls Friday

Overall its been a good week and the overalls I'm wearing are pretty comfortable overall leading to an overall outlook of life that is positive. I was asked if I really wear overall's every Friday, and yes, yes I do. They are green, carhart overalls and they are just starting to get broken in.

My kids want more blog readers so I have included links to their blogs below my links to the right. Go ahead and check them out if you feel the need. Make constructive comments if you can.
They won't be working on them next week unless they get their Phase Work done and earn free writing time.

I've heard that the new fire burst backdrop is causing some page problems on the blog such as: no music, slow loading and others. Is anyone else experiencing any problems on the page?

I am in the middle of deciding whether or not to cut my hair at the moment. I'm gonna put up a poll on the blog so that I can use you my only friends to help me decide.

I'll write more tonight if possible, happy Friday!


Reese-E said...

Ohmygosh! I'm having the best time reading your student's blogs! Jason's descriptive essay about you is hilarious! "He does not act like a teacher 60% of the time." Hahaha! They're all so cute!

halsky said...

cut your hair? how short we talking here?...I take that back. Dont cut it regardless. Hey we all go through those temporary stages of not digging our long hair. Wait, get through it and keep it!

Allen said...

hey you should cut your hair, well that will be cool. And I really like the pictures you drew, and I was really looking forward to painting that thursday, but I screwed up. Sorry dude. Well like the story. Later Mr.Iverson.

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