Saturday, February 9, 2008



That is because I just found out, that Michael Franti and Spearhead will be performing two nights in Anchorage at the BearTooth. So this is a call out to all you Bethel friends. If you want to go to Anchorage April 17th-20th and get your perspective rocked by one of the greatest live bands of all time then let me know. This will absolutely be a once in a lifetime opportunity to dance shout and funk yourself into a pre summer frenzy. It will be a great summer festival warmup and just might change your perspective on a whole bunch of things. He is a god to me. I'm going, I'm gonna start working on it right now, so if you're interested let me know.

In other news...wait what other news? MICHAEL FARKING FRANTI IS COMING TO THIS CRAZY ACE STATE IN APRIL! I'm going. I'm going. I don't care how much it costs I'm going.

I'd write more but I'm too floored by this news.

Tomorrow is Sunday. I will be doing wash. Cleaning the classroom to "Sub" proof it for the following week. I have to not only teach next week but set it up so that I leave the kids in good shape to have a weeks worth of stuff to do while I am away in Anchorage for Special Education Conference 2008. Leaving your kids to a sub is kind of like surrendering responsibility for a week. Last time I left for 3 days they didn't do a single thing the entire time. They did a good job of pretending to promise that they would before I left. I won't fall for that trick again. Little buggers.

Oh yeah Weekly Update tomorrow. Kind of pumped for that. Got some good music picks lined up. Some new blog features. I'm gonna do my best to write a daily feature from now on. They'll Be called: Monday Monday...See what's Become of my Sunday, Tuesday Bluesday, Humpday Umpdate, Thursday Shmursday or Thursday the Pretend Friday, Overalls Friday, Scatterday, Weekly Update. What do you think?

Am I writing too much for you all? I can slow down. Nah deal with it.


Anonymous said...

In regard to the hair and beard debate:

This article itself could be reason to avoid the mustache. Or embrace it...

C.P. said...

Hey Kale! Thanks to you I'm over at Alisha's watching the Never Ending Story. Do you remember that movie of the kid in the spaceship with the floating eyeball or whatever it was. I have that in my memory banks as another creepy movie from my childhood. That and Howard the Duck. You're right, they just don't make movies like those anymore. I was debating teaching a lesson on Jim Henson a few weeks back....
Anyway, Alisha says that while it may be true that she is the cooler person, you definitely have the cooler dots. Europe? After one day? We think you're cheating!

alisha said...

It's called "The Navigator"...dang, you could have just asked, Chandra, I was right there. I also have that one requested on my Netflix. Thanks to you Kale, I have gone and requested all the quirky movies from childhood and all of the more recent ones that you mentioned on the blog. I think you could also add Gremlins to the list of weird movies from our childhood. That one was pretty out there too! We are having a Never Ending Story Marathon today. We are watching all three. Just so you know...the original was on backorder at the anchorage netflix shipping location and they had to ship it all the way from Salt Lake City! On the topic of movies from childhood...there is one movie that sticks in my head that i think of sometimes, but cant remember what it was called. It was a animated movie, maybe early anime, but it was about this kid who had to go to the end of the earth. I cant remember why he had to go there, I just remember when he(maybe she?) got there, there was this old dusty rocking horse that helped him/her solve some problem. Ring any bells?

I'm having a really hard time voting for your beard and hair cut...I dont think any of the options your listed are very good...I think you should do whatever you're comfortable with. Whatever YOU's not our hair...we dont have to live with it. If you add that as an option then I'll vote.

Mr. Iverson said...

I don't remember that cartoon! Sorry Alisha. Here's another one though: It was early anime and it was about a Kid, Jayce, and his crew of robotic wheeled warrior machines "Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors" and they fought against organic vine and plant machines with saws. Equally bizarre. Sorry, I know the Flight of the Navigator quite well, but not your cartoon, also the poll is made, I can't make a new one till its done.

Anonymous said...

Alright, I don't remember that movie either, but somehow it reminds me of another one (cartoon) about a boy who was the only one born without a point on his head, so he has to go to the pointless forest, and he has a dog named arrow. It was a little weird, but I really liked it. It's called The Point. And now I want to watch it...By the way Kale, tigermilk, good suggestion. I'm glad I made you think of it. :)

alisha said...

Oh yeah...Flight of the Navigator...good call! I'll have to request that from netflix too!

Who's your dot in Europe? We're so curious.

alisha said...

Now I'm on an old movie kick. How about Batteries Not Included, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Little Shop of Horrors, Back to the Future, Big, Adventures in Babysitting, Back to the Future, Ghostbusters, Beetlejuice, and The Goonies. Babyruth?

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