Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Iverson Summer Bonanza

Well, I think my gratitude list may have worked a little. How did it go for the rest of you? Did anyone try it? I had a much better day today. I improvised a lot more in my classes and tried to drop into the flow of the day.

I started to also think about the awesome summer I'm going to have.

May 23 I get home to the beautiful Evergreen state of Washington!

Sasquatch Festival May 24-25-26 at the Gorge at George Washington. REM, The Cure, The Flaming Lips, Michael Franti, Rodrigo y Gabriela, Built to Spill, Ozomatli and so many amazing bands I can't even believe it. I'll literally get off the plane and into my Subaru and drive to a festival. What a summer start! http://sasquatchfestival.com/2008/

Then one week or so along the I-5 corridor alternating between Olympia, Tacoma, Gig Harbor, and Seattle. (The Sarge my Sube needs a tune up).

Then I'm heading to Washington State University for a couple of weeks to kick it WAZZU style with my brother in summer school. This puts me in the middle of June some where.

I'll head back to Western Washington/Puget Sound/I-5 for some early summer fun, lawn games, BBQ's, skimboarding, fishing, camping and hiking. Randy, Germany, Brett, Stephie, Family, and Friends (Late June)

I may fly down to San Francisco or LA or both around this time too to see Jeff and some HS friends, Mason (Mase Factor) and Moses.

Its not a sure bet yet, but my brother and I might go to High Sierra Music Festival July 3-4-5-6 in Quincy, California. This is a long drive (14 hours) to go see Bob Weir and Ratdog, Railroad Earth, New Monsoon, Flowmotion, Michael Franti and Spearhead, Mike Gordon, Emmitt-Nershi Band and the list is getting better. This festival is amazing but exhausting due to the extremely high temperatures but so worth the late night shows, whatya say HAL? http://www.highsierramusic.com/

Then maybe a week of recoup or preparation if I don't go to High Sierra then...

I may attend the Oregon Country Fair July 11-12-13 near Eugene, Oregon ...I'm not positive on this one yet but I've always wanted to go! http://www.oregoncountryfair.org/

Or maybe now I will fly down to California around this 2 week time...I'm not sure yet.

Then the NORTHWEST STRING SUMMIT July 18-19-20 Horning's Hideout Portland Oregon Area for three days of Yonder Mountain String Band!!! http://www.stringsummit.com/

Then my mom, dad, brother and I are going to Hawaii for a week of relaxation, sun, and swimmng. I'm soooo pumped to go hang out with the family, maybe this will be a new favorite vaco spot for us. Check out the photos HERE

Then as the last thing I do for the summer I'll be going to The Summer Meltdown August 7-8-9-10 in Darrington, Washington to see FLOWMOTION baby! What a send off right?

So if I have things straight, I'll be entering Washington to a festival and leaving after a festival and there will be up to three in the middle! I'm so grateful to have a life that allows me to see so many wonders and experience such joys with friends and family.


Anonymous said...

On my list of things for which I am grateful is the 8 days I will have with my boys to myself in Hawaii! That's all I can ask for. It is the only obligation you have to the family this summer and just remember that. You have worked very hard to earn this summer of fun so be selfish with it!
Love, Mom

Allen said...

You write to much, but thats good. what I mean by that is it take me forever to read what you write. Cool! Well later Mr. Iverson

Hal said...

The more and more I think about High Sierra, I am thinking yes. Some things (Summer school) just arent as important as life experiences. So although attending HS may bring me form an A to a B in the class...its worth it!!!

Reese-E said...

Yay! You're coming to LA! That'll be fun. I'll get to meet my new blogger friend! Mason and I will show ya a grand ole time!

positivelystephie said...

yeah this is great!! just like my summer! only i am going to more then you are i think! but at least i finally got a mention in your blog!!! we are going to have the best summer ever!! i can't wait to spend so much time with you!! yeah yeah yeah!!

positivelystephie said...

you don't have the dates for hawaii!! when will you be there?? will you be back in time for big bottom?? will we have 4 or 5 festivals together.. or just 3 or 4!!! i need to know!!

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