Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Hump Day Umpdate 2/27

Wednesday...Yesss! (in Napoleon Dynamite voice) Man, what a lunker of a week so far. Time has slowed to a stand still!

Musical Artist Update: I fell off the iTunes wagon again. I went like 3 weeks without buying any music, then BAM! I had a relapse. I bought Hot Buttered Rum String Band "Live at 2007 Wintergrass" I was just thinking I didn't have enough goooooood bluegrass in my life and I looked this band up. And low and behold I was actually at this show with my friend Stephie right about this time last year in Tacoma Washington at Wintergrass Festival. So I had to buy it right? Well I'm glad I did because it was a rippin set and is a great album. I've been chicken dancing around my classroom before and after school hoping that someone won't walk in and catch me. (Chickens are tough to catch though!)

In other news I just added a new Leonard K. Humple chapter so check it out if you've started reading my attempt at a novel.

Today was a pretty good day. The kids really enjoyed the Goldfish Laboratory Experiment we did. I am still struggling to get THEM to design their own experiments, a struggle that is taking place across American science classrooms. But basically, they varied the environments of the goldfish (10 deg. warmer/colder and CO2 rich water) and tried to count changes in breathing rates (gill movement) and overall activity. Luckily all of the fish survived. It took a lot of prompting to get there yesterday but I think they get it.

I have been staying increasingly later at school this week. This has been causing me to collapse upon arriving home, taking a nap on the couch to public access television (I sleep better when the tv is on...the more boring the better). I love naps, unfortunately, they make me stay up later.

So now I'm up, ready to make some dinner, chicken dance around my house to some bluegrass. Hope the rest of your week goes well!

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