Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Hump Day Umpdate

I'm gonna do a mid week tune up from now on. I always post what music I'm feeling on Sunday night. Invariably my needs and tastes change as the week moves along. Why do I feel the need to constantly keep you updated with the music I'm obsessed with? Because, it is one of the only things I can give you from this far away. I can't give you a hug, or a kitten, or a shiny apple, but I can share music with you. Next time you get sick of the music in your life, or you wake up and realize you don't have enough, you can pop on any of the weekly and/or the Hump Day Umpdate and see a musician(s) who will change your life.

The Hump Day Band Umpdate: THE ARCADE FIRE from the "Neon Bible" and "Funeral" albums. On a week where every kid is starting to get on my nerves, being able to rock out to this band at lunch, planning period and while making dinner has saved my life. I hate angry hard, I'm depressed and I have died black hair that covers one eye, music. But after seeing this band this summer at Sasquatch Festival I might take it a little easier on you poor Indy Rock Kids. Normally I recommend happy music (Radiate Warmth) but if you ever need a little edge in your life this the band to go with.

In other news, in the event that the "Never Ending Story" wins viewers choice Topic 3 I'm going to ask any readers who haven't seen the movie to go the movie store and rent it...or buy it. Otherwise the resulting discussion will not make any sense.

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