Wednesday, December 19, 2007


This blog is undergoing some changes. As you can see there have been less pictures of me and more pictures of (hopefully) thought inspiring content. I will continue a running dialogue my life here in Alaska, but more and more content will be geared toward a new direction. Where exactly that is I'm not sure, but I will consciously try to make this less about me and more about you, us, the world and a peaceful life. If you have any suggestions I would appreciate them. The blog description, "Massive Global Awakening" was inspired by correspondence with a special friend of mine. Thanks to her insightful, diligent reading and commenting on this blog I have been able to rethink my role in this drama we call life. "Massive Global Awakening" is funny actually because I have been calling the blog "Radiate Warmth." The "Warmth" that the earth "Radiates" is actually what is causing the climate change and the "Massive Global Awakening" needs to happen spiritually, economically, and physically so that we can continue to enjoy our surroundings here on earth. "Radiate Warmth" pertains to your heart, your soul and your essence, may we always be our own fireplaces of radiant thought and love. "Massive Global Awakening" refers to what needs to happen immediately to end the injustice taking place to each other, to the land, to the living creatures, and to the oceans. I am leaving these two phrases as the first thing people see on my blog so that it will be a frequent reminder for myself and everyone who reads this blog. Thanks to my friends comments, I am now thinking "What can I do...besides complain." Well...I can start with this blog. So there you are.

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