Thursday, November 8, 2007

Thursday Thieves

Yes, as I predicted the Thursday Thieves of time came. They came with a fury early in the morning. First, they messed with my snooze button...or my ability to keep hitting it for over an hour. At this crucial point in the journey towards the wonderous halls of the lands of Fridaysia I can afford no slip along the narrow trail. Needless to say Thursday was a shifty and shapeless foe. At times I could not tell if it was the enemy itself or my own exhausted hallucinations. Swinging wildly and frantically through foggy mess of the day dropped to my knees a broken warrior, the drawbridge to Castle Fridaysia in the near distance. I wept openly as I lay down exhausted on a bed of pine bows next to a unicorn. As forest nymphs circled above my head sprinkling magical sleeping dust down upon me I drifted into a deep fantasy induced sleep. Tomorrow I will confidently march into Fridaysia which has long been fabled to be ruled by the beautiful and nurturing Princess Halfdaisy. As part of her ruling laws Princess Halfdaisy decried that every Friday in Fridaysia students in schools will be required to go home following lunch! This is why many teachers in Fridaysia often do a special Princess Halfdaisy celebratory dance to honor her and the beautiful kingdom she governs. I can only imagine how it will feel.

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