Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Tuesday and Wednesday

The Tuesday troll was asleep. I snuck by him on my quest toward the great and magical Castle of Fridaysia. Now trolls can be harmless when they rest quietly. But you certainly can't go skipping by a troll like Tuesday all "Ladi dah ladi day." If you disturb the Tuesday troll he can put a horrible curse on you . He could give you a sickness. Or worst of all, he could give you the dreaded plague of mindless paperwork. But, I passed Tuesday the troll without incident, his head lay comfortably rested on the end of a mossy log.
As you continue on your quest towards Fridaysia a great turning point comes in your journey as you climb the great hill towards the Mystical Gates of Wednesday. Although the slow climb towards these glowing gates is often arduous and long once you walk through their golden arching arms at precisely 12 o'clock knowing from that moment on you are simply counting down the minutes till your blessed arrival to the sacred castle sanctuary that only Fridaysia can offer!
As I turn back to see the beautiful Mystical gates of Wednesday over my shoulder I know the journey is far from over. Tomorrow the Thieves of Thursday will come after my precious time, and oh what could be more frustrating than a gang of time thirsty sprites out to pull the clock right out from under your nose?

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