Wednesday, November 21, 2007

They're Gone

Oh sweet lord of lords, I can't tell you how sweet a feeling it is to know that you will not have to see your students for FOUR whole days. I just can't believe it, its like a miracle or something. I was about ready to kick em out the door. I mean, I love the little buggers, I really do, but I really need a break from the whining, complaining, apathy, attitudes, and lack of will to live for just a moment so that I don't become infected by it. I'm only 24, I get affected by my environment and if I am surrounded by negative attitudes and depressed demeanors (which has been the cool thing to do as a teen ager since the grunge era "Thanks a lot Kurt Cobain and Billy Corgan") I will start to act like that too. I need 4 day breaks so that I can fill up my happy tanks. I need my happy tanks full so that come monday morning I can come into class with my Happy Blowtorches and pump happy firey sunshine up all their little, cold, dark, black hooded butts. If I don't show them that you can be in a good mood everyday, day in and day out then they may never realize it is possible. And, guess what, if I fake being in a good mood I eventually really am in one.


Anonymous said...

This is the beginning of the holiday season. Just think of the time off you will have come December 22nd. In spite of the loneliness which is an inevitable side effect of your position, you really do have lots for which to be thankful. For me, I am of course soooooo thankful that you are my son, that you are so talented, smart, insightful and loving. I can't wait to give you a big hug! And wait until you see the Cougar tree this year! It will be the best. Enjoy your days off. Love, Mom

erinkavanaugh said...


I totally know where you are coming from. "Apathy" was the vocab word of the day here a couple of days ago. The apathetic attitudes of my students led to a pretty good lesson about "pathos" and prefixes and such.

I also smiled when I read about your "happy tanks". Mine have been on empty for a few weeks now (and this is my 3rd year!!!) and I am planning on spending some time this weekend catching up on House: Season 2, finishing some knitting and sewing projects, cuddling with my pup and getting outside for some fresh air and revitalization. Have you gotten a dog yet? Little village mutts are the best. My quality of life improved about 500% after I got my dog. I can't believe I went a whole year here without her. You need a little dog and I believe they are a necessity in the bush. LKSD should include a puppy as part of the incentive package. Puppies for everyone!

I fully believe in the power of positive thinking, even if I am guilty of not always practicing what I preach. Although the kids drive me crazy some days I have to keep reminding myself why I come back and focus on that. There were days during my first year I would be in tears and my principal would take me aside and say, "If you can impact one life, that makes it all worth it." What I have seen in the past few years is that I impact my students in a much deeper way than I could ever have imagined. I'm sure you have as much of an impact as well. You just may not have seen it yet.

I'm not sure if you have had a chance to travel to many other villages. You should let me know the next time you can make it in to Bethel (ask to go to the writing assessment, do you teach Reading and Writing classes?) and I will be your personal tour guide of the villages in the area. I may even allow you to drive my snowmachine and you can display those mad snowmachining skills you recently gained. It would be a good way to meet and establish connections with other teachers and to realize "I am not alone!"

Happy Thanksgiving, Kale. Enjoy your break.


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