Thursday, November 22, 2007


Even though I am all alone on an island in the Bering Sea for thanksgiving (some plans fizzled out) I have a lot to be thankful for. I am thankful for a loving family (Hal Mom and Dad), many friends (who still stay in touch from far away), and many to come. I'm thankful to have a job and enough food to eat. I'm thankful to exist in a world that is just the right mixture of triumph and sorrow, friendship and loneliness, reward and punishment, love and hate, joy and pain. I am thankful I still have the foresight to know which of those I seek. I am thankful for a healthy body to carry out my meaning. I'm grateful to live on an earth that refuses to breakdown although it has the right to. I'm grateful for all the travels I've been on that have allowed me to learn one journey at a time. I'm thankful for all the relationships I've had with people that teach me more about myself than I can ever hope to absorb. I'm thankful for you who reads this. But most of all I am grateful and thankful for the awestruck wonder that only this life can provide. It is what I seek from day to day and it is what I cherish about you, and it is what can keep me in the flow.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone.


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! You are such an incredible person! Even if I weren't your mother I would read this with an awestruck wonder at how one person can express so many things with one simple piece of writing. By the way, you should know that your blog is read by people as far away as China! Ken Higgins forwarded it on to his friend there who reads it regularly, as do they. Don't be discouraged that they do not post comments and just know that your words have far reaching meaning to many people. I love you. Mom

Ishmael said...

Happy Thanksgiving (a day late)!

Just ran across your blog -- very nice; great photography, too. There's something about that part of the world that I just love, (having lived in Bethel and traveling the Y-K for five years).



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