Tuesday, November 20, 2007

How Can I Astound Thee, Let Me Count the Ways

My snowmachine training got canceled because the temperature just dropped to about 5 deg F and a windchill of -15 deg. F. The wind is howlin' sumpin furce out der. What else? I got new shoes in the mail, Yesss! I got a small fake plastic tree from my mom (and lights) in the mail, sweet! And thanks to my new hero Alisha I now know how to post videos to my blog. MuHAHAHAH. I'm have so many good and evil thoughts simultaneously. This tool might be just what I need to take over the world. Now I can write my perspective to share with you, I can record songs about life and send them to you, I can take video's and show you, the next step is full on mental telepathy right...When are they going to come out with that technology anyways?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

By Jiminy, you sound like a Yooper!

(Artist ?), They're coming to take me away, ahaa, hee, hee! Where life is wonderful all the time...

Thanks for sharing your talent(s)!

Happy Thanksgiving,

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