Saturday, November 24, 2007


Fight Fight Fight for Washington State baby! Wooooo Hooooooo. Oh man I am so freaking happy I could jump out a window. Thats right, the Cougs pulled it off 42-35. Although we tried to Coug IT early on (allowing an opening kick off return for a TD) we eventually overcame our own mistakes to win in the last 30 seconds of the game. Alex Brink gets to end his Cougar career on a positive note (3 time Apple Cup Winner) which I am makes me happy for our often under appreciated quarterback (under appreciated because he has never taken us to a Bowl Game). The only down side to the game was the awesome play of the Huskies freshman QB Jake Locker who I will have to deal with for three more years. I hate that guy but he is dang good. "Jake Locker" can you think of a more Huskyish name than that...oh yeah Brock Huard was pretty bad. Well I guess all you Huskies will have tomorrow to lick your wounds and the foam from your lattes before returning once again to work so that you can walk to your cubicle embarrassed to be a Husky. Don't worry I'm sure you think of some pathetic excuse or someone to blame by then.


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Halsky said...

Around these parts, we refer to the man as "Jesus Locker." He is the huskies savior, praised (far too much) by the press, and he has even resurected (the game where he hurt his neck, and triumphantly returned onto the field before the end of the game). I wonder in the huskies have already denounced him three times? I bet they will after this apple cup at least. Go cougs (Aka Judas)! Yeah!

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