Sunday, November 18, 2007


Today was a good day. I slept in so late. I got up and made pancakes, bacon and eggs, talked to some wonderful friends on the phone, watched the Seahawks play the Bears, and generally sat around on my duffer drinking coffee.

I guess what I really want to say is that I'm not exactly sure who reads this blog. I don't really know my audience. But I do know that people are reading it. Its a little pressure. What if I took a break, what if I didn't write anything interesting. I mean, I don't know where all this is going. I guess it is a good way to keep in touch with people. That's a good thing I suppose. So if you read back over the last few months there is a lot of fluffy stuff like that, which is fine. But if you read back you will see a lot of serious stuff, a lot of poetry, a lot of song lyrics and a lot of creative writing. I feel like there are two types of blogs stuck in this one. I don't know what people want to hear about from up here. Like I should make a secret blog for just my art you know? There is a lot of stuff I want to say but can't because I don't know how much this space has been compromised. Students could read it, people at my district office could read it. I mean I am definitely not down with "the man." But I also don't want to stop writing. I just want you all to know that I'm sorry if this blog is too fluffy for you. Likewise, I'm sorry if it is too artsy for you. Either way its the way it has to be because I don't think I could forgive myself for having two blogs. This one will have to stay PG-13 for now I guess.

That being said, who are you readers? I don't want to be self absorbed but really. Here's my best guess of the people who read this blog. My parents and family, members of my family that my mom has told, people at my Dad's work, people at my Mom's work, my brother and some of his friends at school, some of my friends (but not as many as you would think), some fellow teachers in Bethel, some of my students, some of my former students, and maybe some random people I cannot fathom. If this is the case, then why don't people comment? I do get comments. I am very happy with the people that do. But if you've gone through the trouble to read the blog you might as well click the comment button at the bottom of the post and take the 30 seconds to tell me I'm crazy or stop whining or thats interesting or something you think of. I am not talking to people who comment on my blog regularly, I'm talking about all you
other readers that never say anything. I mean this isn't some elite place, this space needs input otherwise I am going to run out of inspiration. When people ask me to write about something or comment it helps me better serve the readers. I've already written one of these pleas for comments posts a while back and it didn't seem to make a very large impact, I'm not going to write one again. But if I am spending all this time (consequently I have a lot to spend) and you are reading all this product then why don't we all get together and make this blog less about me and more about the reader. I mean, lets get some discussion going. Please. Ok thats enough complaining on my part for now, I'm going to go back to sitting on my ass for the rest of the day and maybe later I will write something else that is not so whiney. Good day.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I'm one of the "silent" blog readers. I find your blog interesting/entertaining.

My daughter also has silent bloggers on her blog. People are interested but don't truly think it's their business to be there. Hence silent bloggers.

My two favorites on your blog is the old time phrases, and when your mom responds. I can "hear" it in her voice how proud she is of you!

Silent Blogger,

Kathy...yes, Chandra's mom

Anonymous said...

Come on, you know you would keep blogging even if no one responded. But that will never happen because here I am and I will always be here for you. Packages are on their way to cheer you up. And just think, you are just a month away from being home where we can show you how much we love you for real! Hang in there. Are you going to write an awe inspiring Thanksgiving blog making us all pause to think? No pressure or anyting, just wondered. I love you and miss you, Mom

Anonymous said...

I read your blog. I'm not a "Bethel" teacher but I'm a teacher in Oscarville. My favorite entry is the "songs and the memories they evoke" entry. "Uncle John's Band" makes me think of Canada. I feel "The Weight", not as much as "I Shall Be Released", but I feel it just the same. Anything by the Four Seasons makes me think my dad and hearing him sing in the shower.

Your blog has reached even farther than you ever thought possible. I'm sure there are many other people out there who enjoy it as much as I do.

Erin Kavanaugh

Mr. Iverson said...

Thank you so much Kathy, Mom, and Erin for speaking up! How is Oscarville Erin? Your town is just as small as mine I think...even smaller right?

Anonymous said...

I truely love reading your blog. You inspire me tremendously without ever knowing. I have commented before, I just left my name out for whatever reason. I guess I just wanted you to get my letter first. Anyway, maybe you already know which comments are mine. I have a letter in the works for you. I'll send it out soon. I think I'm just nervouse about my thoughts/feelings on the net for the whole world to read, so I understand your frustrations with that. I have recieved both your letter and cd, which is amazing, and'll get my letter soon!


alisha said...


I read your blog and I comment too! I dont comment all the time, but i do comment when i feel that i have something to say about your topic. I think you already know that though. So, what's up with you? You told me that you read my blog, but you dont, what is this...double standard day? (That's kind of like opposite day, but different; obviously). I like your blog and check it daily. you have a unique perspective on things and I appreciate hearing it. Take care and feel free to comment you fingers off on my blog anytime :)

PS...i couldnt help but to give you a hard time...just know i was smiling the whole time

C.P. said...

This section is starting to take on the tone of an AA meeting. My name is Chandra and I am a silent blogger. There, I came clean.

mpb said...

You have blessed readers (who comment only when they can add to discussion).

I try to send you and the other Tundra Teachers out into the broader world.

I also do support for teachers using blogs in the classroom and connect schools using indigenous languages (kohanga reo or language nests) if interested.

If you are ever interested in getting your students involved in science and history research (we need school preparedness, local examples of health messages, 1918 and other pandemic oral histories, erosion, environmental change and more) have them stop by Grassroots Science (YK Alaska)

PS-- Lorelle VanFossen has an excellent book for those wanting to improve the "blogging experience"
"Blogging Tips: what bloggers won't tell you about blogging" which is good for ideas to encourage reader comments, etc.

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving Kale.

My name is Aunt Julie (Kathy's sister-aunt to Chand) and I am a silent blogger.

I first went to your site because Kathy said she enjoys reading it--and now, I find it fascinating as well.

Keep up the good work.

Candy Wicks said...

Hi Kale,

Glad your mom showed me how to get online, so you know that someone is reading your words/

I have been reading your blogs since I first found out about its exsistence.

Your talents are showing.

What a life up in AK. My sister Becky and her husband lived in AK. for many years. In fact, Bethel , Anticoch, Bethel and other places. Heard so many stories so yours in just adding to my interests.

Have a great Thanksgiving.

We are going to my sisters this year and to your parents for Xmas.

Your words expressed about your memories of Grandpa have touched many. Thank you for sharing..I cried but it was tears of joy.

So now your going to know how to ride a snow mobile and shoot a gun..Wow a true Alaskan.

Your parents are here tonight and Hal, Were eating up left overs from the celebration for lifes party for Grandpa.

LIn III, Terri and the kids are here and their cool, dog Stu..Who by the way is a real talent..I think he should be in the movies...

He knows how to do treats just with a show of a finger or signal.

We love you and miss you, but so glad your having the experiences that you are.

Lin knows the children are also getting the benefit of your way of teaching.. Well love ya..Hal is going to go read your blog..

Take care, Well keep in touch.

Love Candy

Ishmael said...

Just ran across your blog ... Still getting the feel for it, but do like the olde tyme words.... I lived in Bethel for five years and have a good buddy from here in Kodiak who's out there teaching this year (last year he was in Kipnuk).

Keep up the great work -- love the wx reports, too.



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