Monday, February 7, 2011

Boogie Chillin

San Francisco, what an amazing city. I hit the whopper on my trip the weather was sunny and 75 in February, it was a dream I didn't want to wake up from.

Seeing old friends always reminds me of good things that happened in my life, those kinds of people that remind you of good times, they should be who we spend the most time.

Now I'm back on the life train and its chuggin along pretty steady like.

Watched another amazing kid bite the dust today. She had too much life shit break down and couldn't get out of the loop. I swear being a teacher is a heavy load sometimes. Hold on Girl.

Life isn't all sad, its just so very chill. Winter is losing its grip on the days and I can't help but give my heart to summer already, especially after a San Fran dream like that. The lighter days make me want to look up more often.

I want to be like a wise old owl/billy goat hybrid personality this summer, a little ornery but always a kick in the pants and in the know. I have started to feel more relaxed towards getting older and realized it excites me to think about all the characters I will be able to play in the future.

Because, as I have increasingly felt lately, everyone, every single human, pretty much dishes out the same bullshit, we're all bullshitters. And that comforts me.

Don't make it on to this here new fangled machinery to write a blog as much as I ought to, but I hope you know I'm still here. I'm just waiting for a good time to strike.

Bring on The SUMMER 2011.


Brett Ortgiesen said...

Sounds wonderful and your absolutely right, the warmth and light of life is held longer with good friends and loved ones and although the cold grip of winter happens but once a year it too can last a life time if you let it. Glad to know your well and back.

Erin said...

Hello there friend! It's Erin from Tacoma. I hope this finds you well.

I'm diggin the tunes on here!

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