Thursday, February 3, 2011

Still Alive

Um... Life's scary good.

My new schedule:
1st period Science
2nd Period Science
3rd period Kale's Science elective focused on National Geographic
4th Period Build Community Garden Class

Thats right. I'm building a community garden with my kiddos!

Also, quit some bad habits, started working out, playing lots of music.

Festival line ups are popping up left and right. Northwest String Summit Looks INSANE this year, Sasquatch is revealing Line Up on Sunday, and I don't think I can really maintain my enthusiasm for what I suspect might be the best summer of my life.

Oh yeaaaaaaah, I'm flying to San Fran this weekend to visit a friend just cuz.

Basically my life is pretty good lately.

Except I'm sore, so sore, its sucks getting old and being a fat ass for two years.

Oh well got to get in Tattoo shape for this summer!

Anyone still out there?


Anonymous said...

your friends from THE ROCK is =) checking all the time.

Something fierce said...

I'm here.

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