Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Come and Get me.

Well its been a while, as it tends to be in the summer. I'm just to busy livin life to make time for my blog in the summer. Since we last spoke about the amazing Squeak and Sqwuak Festival I feel like I've been really busy.

Problem is I don't have much time to tell all about what I did. Basically I had the best Fourth of July ever at my parents house with all my friends, games, fireworks and giant slip and slide.

My great friend Randy moved in with me for a month of relaxation and mental recouping. We went on the greatest road trip of a lifetime to a Pinot Noir Winery in Oregon, then to the redwoods and a secret town of Bolinas, then onto San Fran for a night out on the town and Haight Ashbury, then off to live a day as a beach bum in Santa Cruz and then back on home. Now He's off to climb mount Adams and then harvest grains in the palouse.

I went and chilled at a lake cabin and swam and fished in the great clear waters of Lake Phillips.

I ventured deep into the Columbia Basin to the Potholes Reservoir for an all male campout filled with cliff jumping, soccer and intense conversations late at night.

And after a short break I have taken up music with a new reckless abandon deciding to go back to a concept from long ago, my music will just be an extension of me that day, that time, and what instruments I can get my hands on. My band mate and I have decided to call it "Look At the Noises We Make."

Tomorrow I fly to Texas for Mason and Reese's Wedding in Beaumont in a Barn. I've never been to the Lone Star State and certainly never this close to the Gulf I'm excited!

After that I go to STRING CHEESE INCEDENT at Hornings Hideout! Never seen them before and feel luck to be able to go to one of the rarest festivals of the summer.

From there I will drive to Conconully Washington for a week of camping and fishing with mom and dad and hal and our cousin's family for a down home rooting tooting hick good time.

Haven't decided if I will show up at the Summer Meltdown to see flowmotion Saturday night or not...probably will though.

After that I have Big Bottom festival which I'm PLAYING at this year! Woot Woot

The next week my friend Kyle and Sean and I have a show at the world famous Bob's Java Jive

I feel so luck to have all these people in my life to share these amazing times with. Summer is crazy and when its all over and I start my new job in the fall I will do so knowing I rocked my brains out this summer.

I'm a busy man, and I am who I am. Are you who you are? Does that you that you are want to see me that is me? Then you have to come and find me. Come and join the team for a day a month a year a life time.

Love ya.

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