Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Talking Heads Saved my life, Vicci Martinez rules, and fungus season is amongus

Something happened this week. Not immediately, but gradually. Through some good conversations and a little proactive decisions about my life as well as decisions about my attitude on life I think its possible that I might actually be coming out of my funk. By funk I mean having a crap job that I don't like, living alone, being alone. and having no real plan for changing it in the future.

On last Friday my iPod took a huge shit and lost over 40 gigs of music. I was able to recover all my purchases (about 25%) through I tunes. But all the cd's I uploaded in Alaska as well as music I got from my friends is gone. If you read this blog then you know how important my music is to me. I was devastated. But, in the recovery process there came a few new albums that I got from my family and a new chance to start rebuilding my musical library.

Last night, as I hung out with myself like most of the time, I put on Talking Heads "Remain in Light" and something happened. I started dancing around my house. Dancing around and cleaning like I used to do in Alaska. There was an explosion of funk in my body. I was bobbing and wiping and organizing and inside of me the funk was healing me. Talking Heads steady, manic, 80's booty funk rebuilding all the things that I seem to have lost lately. Talking Heads gave me a small chunk back last night.

I will work 3 days this week, yes at a lame job, but its better than nothing. I have some good prospects for part time work at a natural food store. I'm moving at the end of november into a cheap place with friends. Ski season is coming. I'm still playing music with some new opportunities to expand. I can do anything if I just figure out what it is I want to do. I was telling a friend that maybe I'm depressed so much lately because I keep telling everyone that I'm depressed. It sounds stupid but its true. So I'm telling you that I'm happy today. Maybe if I keep saying it I can get my mojo back. I don't know exactly who stole it or where I lost it, but I want it back now.

Maybe tomorrow night Vicci Martinez will get me some of my lost mojo back when she rocks the Swiss. I saw her last week in a singer in the round style show and plan on seeing her again this week with drums! Some friends from Seattle might actually visit me (for once! its awesome to have people come to hang with me instead of me going to them) in Tacoma and experience some real T-Town local badass music.

Lastly, with rains and cold temperatures mushroom season is officially here. I can't wait to go foraging again to share more photo's with you. There are plans in the works for a early morning adventure to the coast on Thursday as well as possibly a trip up to Seattle to see a great band called Hillstomp.

Basically, I'm trying to come out of my funk. I think I've wallowed long enough. Time to buck up and work on being positive again.


serialstar said...

I remember when SCI started covering 'This Must Be the Place' and I started freaking out every time I would hear them play it! Yay for the Talking heads. I just found Stop Making Sense for $.25 last month. So that was the find of the month for sure!

hdt said...

Sounds great! And this will help inspire others, for sure. I'm in Tacoma a lot, we should hang out sometime. God Bless The Talking Heads!

Randall H. Sloot said...

If any music can get you out of a funk it's be the talking heads goddammit! They'll Open your eyee-eyees up to a bran new world for once in a lifetime.

earth-rabbit said...

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