Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fungi Hunting, Sub-Life, Chestcold, Old Friends, and Why I Hate Christian Homo-Bashers.

So sunday and monday I went edible mushroom hunting. Although mostly unsuccessful I learned a lot and had a great time being out in the woods.

Sunday I went with my friend mark to some trails at tiger mountain summit. We were on the hunt for chantrells but found mostly inedible russula (cascadensis). We did stumble upon some really good oyster mushrooms on a log and mark took one for sample. I also got to identify many poisonous fungi and learn about a lot of really cool identifying practices, as well as seeing some 10 plus year old polyspores.

So yesterday, when I again didn't get called for work I decided to go on a Point Defiance hunting adventure. I found a lot of really cool stuff. I again found some impressive polyspore shelves hanging off old trees. I found my own batch of late season oyster mushrooms. There were so many of them I could have picked bags. But instead i decided to let them be as I was alone and needed a second opinion.
I found some and identified the fishy smelling russula very abundent and yellow right now in rotting cedar logs.
I also was able to locate quite a variety of boletas and some other unidentifiable specimens. Either way I had a really good time and my eye for finding my fungi friends is getting better quickly. More research and hunting trips should help. Maybe by next year I'll even be ready to start keeping some for delicious gourmet dinners!

The only reason that I got to go on this little trip is because there just aren't that many substitue jobs out there or I just don't know the tricks to landing them. I haven't been working much at all. Instead lazily pursuing my own interests and relationships. I admit its not the most ambitious lifestyle, but it affords me a lot of time to do what I want.
Substituting is a lame lifestyle, kind of feel like a prostitute. I have my little sub number, people can call and request me, or I can go out on the corner and hustle a job. Either way, I don't have health insurance, income assurance, or any real teaching opportunities, just 50 minute babysitting blocks. In all honesty, I'm becoming less and less interested in teaching at all. But what would I do instead?
Maybe its just the fact that I subbed for a really sick lady on thursday and friday last week, and must have picked up what she had from her computer (as I searched feebly for more subbing jobs) because today I woke up coughing and phlegming and hurting deep in my chest. Luckily there are no sub jobs so I was able to lay in bed all day and watch Freaks and Geeks. I hate being sick, as if I needed a reason to be even lazier.

But, some great things, I got to hang out with an old friend last night that I haven't seen in a long time and never thought I'd get to talk to again. It was really nice catching up and it felt good to be around someone so passionate and positive.

Tonight hopefully I'll get a chance to hang out with another friend I haven't seen in a long time (my high school best friend since 7th grade). When you get to see these people who used to be so central to your life and catch up, it kind of helps you see where you're at in life. Are you lost too, are you on track, are you just as skrewed up as me, are you also totally confused, or broke, or depressed or anxious or did you crack the code and finally become one of those "happy" people we hear so much about?
So Lastly, I'm sitting in Old Town Tacoma at my favorite internet/mate' latte spot writing this little blog and this group of christian blowhards is just sitting right next to me going on and on about how they can no longer allow homosexual couples to attend their church as a "couple" but will permit it if the couples come as "friends." I want to scream at them. Its frightening that three different races of people are in this ridiculous group, I didn't know that people who come from discriminated cultures could discriminate another so badly. What a bunch of wacko's. I mean they are sitting here next to me talking about how embarrassed members of the church are to admit to their business associates that homosexuals frequent their church and that they are plotting a serious plan to remove them from their church.
First and foremost, I don't know why anyone who has taken so much guts as to come out to the world and proclaim who they are would ever want to go to a bunch of judgemental delusionists church and bend to their ridiculous backtalkling opinions, and rules. Secondly, this same group of nutbars is sitting here going on and on praising the barista for how amazing the coffee drinks he made are, the very openly GAY barista! So a homosexual can make a great cup of coffee but not attend your church. And Thirdly, apparently homosexuality is only allowed in the church if its secretive and between a preacher and alter boy. What a world. I'm pretty sure this is not what Hayzeus intended.
I don't mean to go all activist on you all, but I simply can't stand by and take this anymore when its sitting right next to me drinking a pumpkin spice latte and ruining my perfectly pleasant tuesday coffee shop time with pointless drivel.
My name is Kale. I'm an athiest. And I if gay people or gay couples want to come to my woods and walk around enjoying them on sunday or any other day, they are more than welcome.


brooke said...

Lord have mercy. If those people can't welcome anyone into their church, then they might need a refresher course in the New Testament. They completely rejecting what it means to be "Christian" or Christ-like. Also, they are embarrassing and totally lame.

And I love Freaks and Geeks and I am teaching a class and one of my students looks just like Neal and sometimes it is hard for me to keep a straight face when I think about Freaks and Geeks while I'm teaching Jane Austen.

hdt said...

I feel you on the sub lifestyle. It is very hard and this is my 3rd year. I sometimes want to stop teaching too but then there is a great day and I'm hooked again. I think you should know that your blog, even in your darkest moments, is very re-assuring. Many of us struggle with the same issues and it is nice (not a good choice of a word) to hear some of these thoughts come from someone or something outside of my own head. Keep the hope though. It's there...I believe it.

suzyeQzee said...

I want a mushroom hunting lesson!

serialstar said...

freaks and geeks (heehee). Perhaps you should write...

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