Thursday, July 2, 2009

Good Things #2: Oysters, Wild Berries, 4th of July

Ah. Summer. Good Things A Plenty. Here are a few I've discovered lately.

Good Thing: Oysters. Period. Syd and I went to Anthony's and had the oyster sampler before our meal and it was deadly good. Most people would probably gag at the thought of slurping a plate full of barnacle encrusted shellfish off a dirty looking shell but they were so good. They are also supposed to be an aphrodisiac despite the fact that oyster breath is a major turn off. Regardless, I love oysters and especially with tabasco sauce on the half shell. YUM!

Good THING: Wild Berries. Here in the Northwest the Salmon Berries are just finishing their run. I picked about a gallon this year at my parents house! The red huckleberries are coming in full and ripe right about now and the wild mountain blackberries will be about 2 weeks away. After that we have to wait about a month till the full blackberry season and the finally finish with the regular huckleberry finishing out the berry season in the fall. If I'm lucky I'll be able to find the rare black cap berries and of course there will be salal berries everywhere. My dad will be making a 6 or 7 berry all northwest wild berry wine this fall from my pickings and I am so pumped to see how it turns out.

Good Thing: The Fourth Of July. I think that it is kind of great that once a year Americans let their hair down and just allow themselves to be American without the guilt associated to be a wasteful, ignorant, global idiot. Americans grill food on the BBQ, get inappropriately inebriated, get sunburned and light off explosives all the while sliding down slip and slides, playing Bruce Springstein and swearing a lot all around a campfire. Hell yes America. Go get you some.

Summer is in full swing...Things are happening, my new place is almost all moved in, I'm settling in finally, festivals are around the bend and I am still completely in love with Sydney.



Allen said...

hey kale..
having a fun summer!?
haha oysters do look pretty
discusting. but there great when
you eat them. im just dropping by on
blogger and you page. never really been
going online. but take care kale.
miss ya

hdt said...

I think the changes are great! This blog is so enchanting and filled with "good things" that it makes sense. Isn't the summer wonderful?

Randall H. Sloot said...

Those are truly some good "good things". Like the eagle pic btw, reminds me of something Stephen Colbert would have on his show. Looking forward to... today! See you soon brother!

Erin said...

Hey Kale -- it was great catching up on your blog. Gosh, I'm gonna miss you next year. My money situation is a bit tight right now..I just set up a new budget in anticipation of paying crazy rent prices in Bethel. I don't think I'm going to make it to Seattle anytime soon.

Keep blogging. Miss you.

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