Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Oh Italy...

As not to offend, I am an ignorant non italian speaking american so my opinions are not really important.

Here are some things I have noticed about italy.

Restaurant equals pizzeria, they are interchangable
Italian road signs are place at the spot of the turn with no warning whatsoever
Italians drive in both lanes as if they were there own
Bar means that they simply serve beer not that you could go in or do anything but that they just serve alcohol
Pinstripes and pastels, big sunglasses and hair gel...and velco all seem to be the standard issue wear
Italians apparently do not use the internet because finding an internet stop is impossible and when we do its run by Indian people.
Yay bicycling teams on dangerous roads
There are police everywhere all over the place but they actually do not do anything at all ever.
Mopeds can carry two fat men with groceries and a baby if needed.
You can wear sunglasses indoors and at night in italy
the term Supermarket and Minimarket are more a general opinion of the owner and not really reflective of the amount of goods they may sell
But they are never open, the italian work days starts at 10 goes till 1pm then everything closes till 8 when it opens again till whenever.
Graffiti is freaking bad here, really bad.
Its okay to litter in italy, everyone does...
And when you say that you have CAMPING available that really means you will sell us a 10 by 10 plot of barren rock-dirt-shit for 20 euros, cold showers and not toilet paper.

But alas! there is Sicily. After 4 days slumming it in the tent eating nutella sandwiches and food from the supermarket we are living it up in Catania on the island in a 100 a night hotel with a jacuzzi. Major improvement. Its our last splurge before we go back to backpacks and tent slumming.

Thoughts of home always, italy is growing on me, palermo next, then sardinia. good times are being had by all.

Miss you red hot fire mama.



Susan Iverson said...

Glad the hotel thing worked out. Sometimes you just have to listen to your mother.

Kevin Barnett said...

I've heard about "camping" in Europe and it's pretty much NOT at all like camping here. It's more like a bad hotel without walls, privacy, accommodations, or a reduction in price to reflect absent amenities. Good luck and have a great trip!

Anonymous said...

hey there mr kale. whats up? hows your long trip over on the other side ofthe globe:P

k have lots of fun and take care!

dont you ever forget about us in MYU!!!

: )


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