Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Romania and Roma yee ha

Ah Romania Motsu Mesc for the Suica, Gogosh, Piazzas and mamaleega! Where do I start? I cant really, its a mysterious newly post communist nation full of conflicting and emerging identity deeply rooted in history. The young people we met spoke great English, the food we ate was incredible and bus rides we took put the fear of death into us.

Romania was a hard week. Many trains, planes, buses, maxi taxis, hitchhiking, and cabs. It took a great host in Brett to show us around Vama Veche, Sibiu and Abrud. Brett continues to amaze me as a great friend and wonderful life long learner. I hope he knows that despite the bad weather in Sibiu which wasnt that bad our trip couldnt have been any more incredible. Never in my life did I think I would experience something like that and probably never will again.

Also thank you to the hosting ladies of the trip. Maria put us up for multiple days and shared her boyfriend Brett with us. She was sweet and smart and very patient. Also thank you to Anca and Catalina for the Monday nightfood and place to stay, mamaleega mama cook so good! We are forever in debt to all our hosts for the hospitality. More on this later.

(one day later) We did Rome efficiently today. Saw almost all the sights except the Sistene Chapel. I was blown away by how many different ruling societies had destroyed, rebuilt, destroyed again, and rebuilt again different monuments and buildings and churches in town. A down and out South African illegal tourguide gave us a cheap personal and amazing tour of some free unknown places including a underground excavation of a pre christ burial place under a church, he showed us the most amazing fruit roll pastery thing in the Jewish Ghetto, and got us super cheap coffee all the while giving some heartfelt and knowledgable history on the city.

Tomorrow we go to Pompeii where we might camp for next to no euros. The day after that we travel to Salerno to rent our midget mobile and drive the Amalfi Coast safely as possible and avoiding the feared city of Naples which everyone has told us not to drive through.

My opinion of Rome changed from annoyance and disgust for the garbage and graffiti which is unbelievably sad for a city with such a rich history, to an opinion of respect and understanding for a city that has been in constant change for over 2000 years. Tonight hopefully some good food and some nightlife and then a travel day tomorrow with a little pompeii thrown in.

I just cant wait to get to the coast, open road with my brother, and some italian opera blasting the speakers.

Hope all is well back home, miss you mom and dad, miss you randy and suzye and all the homies, and mostly I miss you my sydney baby!

Next update might be from ???????


suzyeQzee said...

naples rocks, they don't know whats up.

Randall H. Sloot said...

Sounds like you have had some amazing experiences thus far, and many more to come. Continue to travel safe and may great times befall you.

p.s. Wish I were there.

Syd said...

I can't wait to hear all about it and see pictures. I'm so jealous! And I'm missing you more and more everyday sweet man of mine. SEE YOU SOON! love u

.:Miss Ashley Brankovic:. said...

Wow, Romania sounds like such a great place to be! You are one lucky guy Mr. Iverson! I hope things are going great and smoothly for you!

.:Miss Ashley Brankovic:. said...
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positivelystephie said...

awesome awesome awesome!!! keep it up! have a blast! take it all in.. enjoy every minute! can't wait to see you!!!

Hazel said...

hey KALE iverson... lol, it's me hazel... i'm writing to you for me and my mom... she wanted to know

"where are you?
how are you doing?"


"the things that i bought from you make me think of you and miss you"

like the spices and the other stuff...


"i think of you and your girlfriend"

wanna know why? lol gotta e-mail me back at hpeterson91@gmail.com

as for myself... i'm waiting for my call for the job i applied for... lol it's pretty important here in MYU... the CVRF liason... for the summer... harvey went to paamiut (my grandpa's fishcamp) and juanita is her same old self... you know... =P jk...

remember keep in touch... miss you...

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