Sunday, May 3, 2009

Weekend Update

Twelve Days from now I will be in Washington.

Musical Artist of the Week: I always kind of overlooked this band. I used to hear their songs on JamOn on Sirius satellite radio and never was really impressed all that much. But I just got an itch to check em out and so I bought their late night set from Bonaroo last year. THE DISCO BISCUITS are a crazy marriage of seemingly plain rock and roll music that quickly disintegrates into an all out space synth jam disco dance party extravaganza spectaculare. Its hard to describe how quickly they transition from a traditional sounding song into a 19 minute long disco prog synth jam that (if we're lucky) will bleed into an off the wall cover like "Safety Dance." They are kind of like a mixture between Umphrey's McGee and The New Deal.

Old Person Phrase of the Week:
I told someone that I was going to use this a while ago and then didn't. The weeks phrase is "Negative Nancy." I wonder who the original Nancy was that was so negative that she got coined this moniker .

Weather on Nunivak:
The sunsets around 11pm have been beautiful, the weather is warm, the puddles are bountiful and slush, the giant mounds of snow just keep melting, the exposed tundra has almost eclipsed the snow on top. And the road to the airport is finally open. Thank goodness...except now the road is flooding. Hopefully I won't have to enlist a boat to get the airport to get home.

Art Update: Not much goin on in my art, I got some new cover songs to work on but thats about it.

Blog Changes: As you can see, this blog has already started molting its alaskan exoskeleton, expect more changes to come, but definitely more hippie references, more pictures, more sunshine, more music, more fun, and more goofiness hopefully.

Lastly But Not Leastly: I'm still feeling very sad for the poor Ricky Hatton who got his brain mushified by Manny Pacquio last night on HBO payperview fights. I really thought he had a chance to beat the Pac Man if he could survive the initial onslaught of speed and fury. Unfortunately he was destroyed. Hopefully he makes a comeback, because he is a great guy.

The dance was C+. The little kids made it hard for the big kids to take it seriously. There weren't enough teen agers to really do the slowdance thing, and I eventually was forced to play songs from their list of horrible, awful, extremely terrible music so that they would get up and dance. Over all it was fun though and we did a good job of transforming the gym into something a little bit cooler than previous efforts with the projection of a sound visualizer on the wall/ceiling. No drama to speak of and generally it was well received.

I'm still stumped as what to say at the graduation speech. Hopefully something will come to me.

The apartment is almost packed up, I sent one final box home yesterday with my parka and a comforter.

My awesome friends in Bethel: Sadie, Angie, and Erin sent me possibly the most pleasing gift I've gotten in a while. They sent a package returning a shirt I left at there house but they also included a union suit. If you don't know what that is, its a full body long underwear suit that has a button up buttflap, and buttons down the front to the crotch. It is bright red and it is hilarious, I've been wearing it non stop with shorts and t-shirt. Thanks ladies!

I'm trying to figure out some ways to take pictures out on the tundra in my union suit...

Thats about it. Just counting down the days. Days are slow to go by but time is going fast.

Have a good week



Randall H. Sloot said...

Your description of the dance reminds me of my experience living in a ridiculously small town and attending social gathering of my peers. I remember empty dance floors and awkward glances from one wallpaper imitator to another. Sometimes you have to push the snobbery aside and just let them have their music, if it makes them happy then that's all that matters. You'll have plenty of time to listen to good music with yours truly very soon.

Anonymous said...

Hey Negative Nancy
Haha, that has an awesome ring to it!
WEll that's pretty cool school is almost out!:)

Anonymous said...

Okay, the union suit....I have to get a picture of you and Chris...He too, has a bright red one. He wore it one year to a JB concert. In the bum area, he stuck a plastic one there....needless to say, he got a lot of peeps turning around and others just coming up and grabbing!!!

He realized this winter if he wears it under his clothes, he stays snuggly warm!!! =o)

Hmm, I'm thinking Camp Conco?!? =o)

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