Friday, April 24, 2009

Overalls Friday

Hmm...its Friday, despite the girl fights, dodgeball massacres, pencil stabbing threats (don't worry not that serious), and principalship duties, its been a very slow paced and boring week in teachertude. When 4 of your 12 high school students are gone it makes for a slower pace then you originally had planned out for the week in your lesson plans. The kids, almost like bats with echo location, can sense the authority/expectations shifting in the air when the principal leaves and half the students are gone. No matter how you fight it, with three weeks till the end of the year, two till the seniors graduate, the kids officially have us by the proverbial balls when it comes to telling them what to do. Can you blame them?

I have been following into a very boring after school ritual. Come home, pace around my lifeless, emotionless, decorationless apartment and try to decide what to do to try and occupy my time till my amazing girlfriend calls me at approximately 9:08pm. I could play ukulele and sing my songs, try to make a new one, record one. I could play videogames, try to win the English Cups on Fifa soccer 2009, or take the Cougs to the Rosebowl on NCAA football 2009, I could listen to music and knit hats, or I could watch TV, I could make dinner for myself (I have been plain forgetting to eat lately that's how mind numbing it has become), I could work on my gift for Sydney, I could do lots of things...COULD do these things if I wanted to. But its all just filler, time filler, waiting, the unimpressive opening act to a super band called "SUMMER."

Now that some of Europe plans are cemented, I have my own place all lined up in Ruston, and other summer plans are forming left and right, I just can't seem to keep my mind focused in the now. I am perpetually being thrown forward into a month from now, three months from now, a year from now, and when you constantly take mini vacays to the future it makes the present go SO SLOWLY. I know I should be enjoying my last moments of solitude here on my peaceful little Eskimo Jesus Island in the Bering Sea but the weather is horrible outside and I don't really have that many people that I can call my friends (lots of friendly people though) to hang out with. So even though it stays blazingly light outside till well after 11pm, and I have tons of shit I could and should be doing I find it more comforting to find the most mind numbing activity possible and to steadfastly stick to it so that maybe time will go by faster. The last time I felt like this was when I was supposed to be writing my Masters Thesis and could not stop myself from skimboarding and rockbombing with Randy, Brett, and Germany, the time before that when I was supposed to be studying for Finals but decided to bowl at the Cub in Wazzu instead.

So in the spirit of sharing, here are two websites that are great for killing time:

This guy is really harsh and nasty but amazingly funny.

The Fail Blog is a new favorite of mine.

and Facebook...yes I'll admit it, facebook. I'm hooked.

Anyways, tonight Junior Middleweight Championship boxing on Showtime: Spinks vs. Latimore...if only I had someone to watch it with.

Tomorrow Super middleweight Championship fight Carl Froch vs. Jermain Taylor on Showtime and Juan Manuel Lopes vs. Jerry Penalosa on HBO. Gary should be home for that.

I guess I like watching boxing because the guys act like they hate each other, beat the crap out of each other, get paid for it to support their families, and end up hugging and become friends afterwards. It seems very un Radiate Warmth on the surface, but for some reason I LOVE BOXING. My mom said that my grandpa used to watch it all the time and I guess maybe it runs in my blood. Plus I never have, and never will be in a real fight (football doesn't count), so it fullfills that uber stupid masculine part of my brain maybe.

Either way, there are only 20 days till the last day of school. There are only 14 days left in class. 3 weekends. 19 nights of boredom and melancholy then...

KABLAMO!!!! Life explosion. See you there.

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