Monday, April 27, 2009

Mondays are stupid.

Mondays are a stupid day full of stupid unbelievably stupid stuff stupidly being stupid.

My stupid monday started off by stupidly waking up from a stupid nightmare at 3:58 am, which if you ask me is a stupid time of day to wake up. I was definitely not accomplishing whatever horrible stupid mission was trying to be played out in my stupid subconscious state and when I woke up I was covered in sweat and physically exhuasted.

Nothing like a freakishly horrifying nightmare to indicate how stressed out you are in life. Then I couldn't fall back asleep, so I laid on the couch and drank tea and watched Mr. Baseball with Tom Seleck playing a flailing MLB baseball star who goes to the Japanese league to save his career, shananigans ensue, waste of a good hour of sleep, stupid movie, took a shower and came into work early and and bewildered by my morning stupidity.

Today was an inservice day (the stupid is include in the phrase "inservice day"). We were supposed to work on our staff check out list. Somehow I found myself having to clean up my stupid room and have it all ready for next years teacher (not stupid). I spent all day sorting through mountains of stupid outdated science materials with no modern application or use trying to decide what to do with them. I wish I could steal them and mail them to third world countries, except I realized that I am basically in a third world country and they can't use them either.

Since we have no recycling I ended up having to throw away about 8 years of paperwork and old curriculum and testing materials, two whole trashbags, friggin stupid, it is now officialy time to go paperless, after participating in my very own tree massacre today, I was embarrassed to be a teacher. All this paper, from trees, for no reason, for nothing, all the dead trees had nothing to do with whether or not anyone got any smarter. What the hell are we doing, this is getting...well...stupid.

Finally I got most of my crap done in my classroom today (beautiful out today by the way). The day wasn't completely stupid. I went to the post office and got a really funny/romantic postcard from syd that cheered me up. I conjugated the "Goodbye" verb in Cup'ig to accomodate two people in the room and Lydia was very impressed at the Post Office.

But Then on my way back I fell through the melting snow twisting my knee. Melting snow is stupid. Almost as stupid as this entire stupid post about this stupid day. Knee's are stupid too, thank goodness no one is in charge up there designing the universe because if they designed the knee they, the all mighty and wisdomatic cosmic knee inventor, is themself a stupid stupidface that has no common sense. I mean the knee people. It tears, it rips, it gets strained, it has a gross jiggly cap, it gets skinned, the back of it gets sunburned, and hurts when it gets bumped and basically is just a stupid pain in the ass.

I am off to go get toilet paper now, for my stupid ass.


Randall H. Sloot said...

Stupid is as stupid does Kale.

Anonymous said...

whoa... how many times have you used to word "stupid"
"off to get tissue for my stupid ass" haha thats kinda silly that you would say that- hehe

p.s. i like your poems, or whatever you wanna call them... :)

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