Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I Refuse to Die from Swine Flu

I have too much to live for.

SO even though I am going to fly from Anchorage to Seattle and the From Seattle to London to Bucharest Bucharest to Rome, Italy to Barcelona, Barcelona to Seattle and breath in a deep cornucopia of international lung vapors on airplanes. I refuse to believe that I will die from a version of the influenza virus.

And even though Unfortunately it is kicking healthy people's asses over the elderly/young because their immune system responds with tons of anti inflammatories clogging up the lungs, I refuse to die because I'm young, healthy and a traveler. This is getting ridiculous.

The regular influenza strain has already killed thousands of people this year since January anyways. But no action news center special on that.

You know who is really killing right now? The media, they're making a killing off of this supposed emerging pandemic. Reporting it, replaying it, dramatizing it, advertising during it, talking about it, showing you the growing death toll and most recent news over and over again with plastic smiles and 30 second commercial breaks.

I wonder if we turned off our tv's if it would go away. My students without tv's didn't even know what I was talking about when I told them about it today. They could have gone about their day completely fine without knowing about this emerging disaster.

So we'll see how it plays out. I have 3 weeks till I'm supposed to be on a plane bound for international parts unknown. Hopefully the apocalypse hasn't come (its 3 years early I still have so much to do!)

But if I hear the words SWINE FLU one more time I'm gonna snap. Could the universe have picked a more seemingly disgusting mammal for us to transmit a virus from? How about Mole Rat Flu? How about Albino Vampire Bat Flu? How about Bill O'Reilly Flu?

Two angry posts in a roll...grrr.


Sally said...

Hi Kale,
I refuse to be denied sunlight and mangos because of the swine flu.
I'm planning on leaving a week from tomorrow for Mexico..... people are telling me I shouldn't go. I've taken many risks before in my life and I'm not even sure this is a risk or a media overload... anyways I'm in Marshall looking out at the Yukon river that has tons of water flowing down it on top of the ice that hasn't gone out yet......Peace and Love to you on the rock.
Your pal "mentor" Sal

Randall H. Sloot said...

Out of sight, out of mind as they say. As things go with you traveling and all, do the ones you love a favor by at least taking a placebo like airborn or something before you fly.

Susan Iverson said...

Good advice from your old pal Randall. I will make sure we have lots of Emergen-C available when you are home. I am more worried about you not being able to even get off of the island! Love, Mom

Hal Iverson said...

Swine Flu.

Anonymous said...

I just find it amazing we shut down schools for it!!! I was sicker than a dog in January and Feb. from all those 'snotty, coughing, hacking' kids of mine and parents didn't keep them home. Yet, with this I have averaged at least 4 kids per day out of school...The 'fear' of getting it. We haven't even had a confirmed case, yet.....they are taking precautions for it....Go figure. such is life!!!!!

Corinna said...

You're getting a delayed reaction to this as I've been out of the country for the past two weeks.

1. The swine flu is bullshit. You're not going to get it. People just get paranoid when the WHO announces precautions, etc. It's not an epidemic and everyone will get over it shortly.

2. Barcelona is the shit. Check out the gothic neighborhood (Barri Gotic) where the Picasso museum is. It's maravilloso. Also, go to a bar called Cafe de los Angelitos in Barceloneta. It's one block from the beach at Calle Almirall Cervera 26. They play live music (piano and horns) and make the best sangria I have ever had in my life. Best night ever was spent there.

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