Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Girl Fights and White Outs

Today in Mekoryuk...

I broke up a really wicked fight between two girls. Hair pulling, closed fist punches, broken glasses, Mr. Iverson right in the middle. Everything turned out ok in the end though.

I also drove people out to the airport in a complete white out. The sky and snow were the same color and I have to admit, if it weren't for those occasional powerlines I would have had no way of figuring out how to get back to town. I had to make two trips and it was crazy how flat the light was. I couldn't even find my own tracks on my return trip the wind had already covered them up.

I'm soaking wet, frozen and going home, just wanted to tell you what a crazy day it truly was.

I'm principal for the rest of the week, hopefully no more fighting otherwise I'll have to suspend someone...dun dun dun.

A big big big big hugely big and gigantic thank you to KOOP for all the amazing shit in his care package which I received today. Chocolate galore, Daily Evergreen Newspapers, Fruits, Avocados, and a friggin coconut. How awesome is that. Thanks buddy.


Susan Iverson said...

You know a mother doesn't like to hear these kinds of things. What if you would have gotten lost in the snow and no one ever found you? You need to be careful with such a short time not until you come home. PLEASE!

Syd said...

I agree with mom. I'd be SO pissed if you got lost in the snow. I'd come and find you though...with my magneticKalelovetrackingabilities:)

micah smith said...

Ohhh Dang Mr I!
Whoo hoo, who won the fight? jk:)
Anyways..that's prettty intense!!

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