Monday, March 30, 2009

Bethel's Final Gift

Please read the two previous posts to fully comprehend my bethel experience.

Today however has been a nice day. I am stuck in Grant Aviation Terminal. All day long I have been sitting upstairs drinking coffee and doing work.

I found a shelf full of old hippie cd's that they play in the store and they let me rip them into my computer.

So far I've got.

some Hot Tuna
Little Feat
Allman Brothers
3 Bela Fleck CD's
Ry Cooder and Manual Galban Mambo Album
Fleetwood Mac
4 Dave Matthews Albums
Jerry Garcia, Grisman and Rice
and about 5 more cd's I can't even remember

and last but not least....the greatest album I've ever found.

I present to you:


Moondog was a blind street performer from 1956 New York who made his own instruments and played all over town taking his inspirations from the street sounds of the city. He wore army blankets and a viking helmet and had elf shoes and a gigantic beard. He looks like a farking god on earth. Basically I might have a new idol.

His works were later played at the New York Symphony and he eventually moved to Germany where he lived until 1999 when he passed. I will certainly do more research but this might be the greatest musical find of my life.

So as I wait for the weather to improve, I've just heard that they aren't working on our runway in Mekoryuk which was completely over run by snow drifts, Murphy's Law in full effect.

I talked to my secretary who informed me that they had to crawl into school today due to a gargantuan snow drift in front of school. With our janitor out, our maintanence man with a broken arm, I wonder if I'll have to dig it out?

I have now inserted Moondog into the coffee shop stereo and am blowing the minds of all who venture into its musical radii.

What a day. Thanks Bethel, you've made up your discretions ten fold.


Panik♥ said...

i bet you pick MOONDOG because of his super long beard, elf looking shoes, and blindness....mostly the super long beard. cause u like it i bet? haha ok later mr. iverson....

Randall H. Sloot said...

Only you could make a discovery such as this one. kudos man, can't wait to hear the shiz.

Angie said...

If you have to be stuck in Bethel, the coffee shop at Grant is the place to be! I LOVE that place...if only for the brief escape it offers from the reality of where you live.

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