Saturday, February 14, 2009


I made it into anchor town last night with out a hitch. Jamie gave me a ride to the hotel without a hitch. Met Julian and got the room with out a hitch. It was a hitchless night.

I went to the conference all day long today talking and mixing it up with special educators and statewide mentors. GOD! I am so refreshed to be around passionate like minded people. It has been great so far and tomorrow will be even better.

I am presenting tomorrow at 1:30 on "Self Determination: One Year Later." It will basically be a case study of what I have been able to do in only one short year having never heard of this amazing learning process before last years conference. It is also a call to arms to people in the conference to show them how passion and grass roots tactics really can change a school and even a district...(More on these exciting details later).

Tonight its off to the "Sleeping Lady" for some food and comradery and then early to bed hopefully so I can be fresh to save the world tomorrow.

I also want to wish all of you a very happy fabricated commercial Hallmark holiday and may cupid kick you squarely in your arse.

I have my cell phone so if you want to call me like a normal person its 253 651 9092

Love! Love! Love!


Anonymous said...

We are glad to hear you made it safely!! Its always nice to be around people who enjoy the samethings you do!

Yes, Valentine's is dumb. Your mom was great, of course, she sent cards to the kids. We were cracking up at Alex's -wishing him lots of Valentine's from the girls!!! After he read it to us, he said, there was only one girl he would want one from....he has had a crush on our neighbor girl for quite sometime. Its very cute to watch!!!! Chris and I chose to spend the day at Costco-very romantic. ha ha

The kids have been sick. Its going around...I had 6 out Wed. and Thur. crazy! At least we have this coming wk off to try and get healthy....

Chris has come up w a costume, he will have to lay it out for you. Its very interesting.... =)

The boys discussed calling you however, they are in a 'competition' w our neighbors and the wii game Tanks. They r so funny to looks like Alex is the one carrying the team. Sorry Chris... ;oP

So if you get a call late, let me apologize now....crazy boys.

Be safe, lots of loves, hugs and kisses!!!
the Wicks crew

Randall H. Sloot said...

Hey man, tried to call you yesterday (Sunday) but you were probably in the conference. Glad to hear it's going well and I hope your presentation went spectacular. (I'm sure it did you sly fox) Suzye and I went rollerskating for V-day, then got some sushi. It was pretty cool. The skating place is very close to our house so when you are lower-48 we should go. Enjoy your time on the mainland. Talk to you soon.

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