Thursday, January 29, 2009

Overalls Thursday

Yesterday I was walking to the store, I was listening to the song "Alright" on my big headphones by the late 90's brit funk sensation Jamiroquai, and the sun was shining and I was looking at my long shadow down the road from the late afternoon low hanging arctic sun. I was dancing a little just to see my shadow get his boogie down too, and the sunshine and my newfound health of late, and the great day at school all just sort of came together all at once and I was happy, truly momentarily happy. I just haven't seen the sunshine in so long that I forgot what it looked and felt like. It wasn't the kind of deep lasting happiness that defines a month or a season or a year, but rather a short glimpse of joy inside the eye of storm of uncertainty and difficulty.

Tomorrow we have a teacher inservice which means that classes and students will be replaced by some sort of unproductive district office brainchild or some staff meeting from hell. I'm going to make the best of it and try to work on my various procrastinations.

Tonight I'm gonna take it easy, I've been hooked on a couple of things lately though. So here is a list of the little joys in my life:

Ice cold "Mountain Cooler" Capri-Suns (so good late at night and totally helping me kick the soda pop habit)

A&E tv station's freaky show "PARANORMAL STATE" (ghost and spirit investigators go around the North East contacting the dead and recording every frightening bump in the night, I'm absolutely hooked into this show!)

Tiger Woods Golf 2009 on XBox360 (I am the points leader through 10 events on the FedEx Cup Season. You're going down Tiger! and the best part...I HATE GOLF!)

Yoga Yoga Yoga (got three yoga sesions in this week I am sore but I feel amazing! We had a very intense session last night)

Junior Mints (take that coffee breath!)

Jamiriqoquai (I have been waking up to "Drifting Along" every day this whole week. How can one band be so good and not be totally huge?)

Following the possibility of an eruption at Mt. Redoubt volcano on the Kenai Peninsula across the water from Soldatna. (Seismic activity has elevated the status to "orange"/ "watch" and the possibility of an eruption in the next few weeks is very high!) Check the website HERE.

United States of Tara on Showtime (Toni Collette is really good as a mom with 4 personalities, the show is a short half an hour per episode but it deals with some very real high school issues including gothic/emo kids, pregnancy, stereotypes, and dealing with life.)

Big Love on HBO. (The season is starting slow but you can tell its building towards something frantic and dramatic. Cancer scares, accidental pregnancies, a possible fourth wife, a big mormon friendly casino deal with the native american's, attempted assassinations in the compound, old enemies and bribes, FBI crackdowns on polygamy, its pandemonium!)

Basically those are the little nuggets of joy that I can pass along to you today. Hopefully they give you some ideas to spice up your life.

"You can't just think about peace, you have to believe in peace. And you can't just believe in peace you have to work for it."

-Eleanor Roosevelt



alisha said...

So good to hear that you are feeling happy...if only for a moment. Will you be coming to Bethel anytime soon? Do you still have a Saturday 2year to do? Be happy you are in the inservice today. We had to do a makeup snow day with our we are in school today and will have to do the insevice you are doing right now on a saturday instead..YUCK!

One little edit to your post...Kotzebue is way up above the Arctic circle, north of Nome...not anywhere near Redoubt...maybe you were thinking of another K named town?

Take care...

serialstar said...

yay for momentary happiness and dancing shadows....

Mr. Kale Iverson said...

Thank Lish,

Don't know how I got kotz and Soldatna mixed up?

I fixed it (maybe if I did my alaska alive home work I would have known that)

Not coming into bethel anytime soon though.

And to tell you the truth I would rather be teaching than in this inservice...its rather unbearable.

alisha said...

yes...but we have to do the SAME INSERVICE on a SATURDAY!

alisha said...

Good to hear it's unbearable...that really gives me something to look forward to for next saturday...although i wouldnt have expected anything else.

Randall H. Sloot said...

Glad you're grinnin mafugga! I'm up to the second disk of third season of trailor park boys and it's awesome! it makes me giggle like crazy.

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