Friday, January 23, 2009

Overalls Friday in the nick of time

What a grueling week, long positive hard working days at school with the kids, long after work hours spent organizing matters of the heart after school via frustrating internet communication modes, then long feverish nights filled with stuffy noses, medicated intermittent sleep and tired morning rises.

Somehow I've been used up physically, emotionally and spiritually and I still feel okay. In fact, I feel good, (thanks to some really awesome friends and fam sending me lots of love and support and keeping me going! You know who you are you bad asses!) I feel like I've weathered a storm, I'm tired yes, stuffed up yes, broken up yes, but its all me still standing here.

My creative block finally lifted last night too and I exploded and wrote two new amazing songs one called "All Day Long" and another called "Anymore" but I'm not really ready to share them on my blog yet. I can't record them until my voice returns to normal. Be patient ok? I really want to be healthy again so that I can get back to a steady music recording and practice schedule for my big summer of music (I'm gonna make in the big time momma, you just wait n' see!) I seriously would like to actually start trying to get gigs this year, paid, regular gigs playing my music for more than just my family. Call it a late New Years Resolution.

Now I'm gonna run down to the store, word around the Igloo is that they got them summa dat produce in and I'm hoping to score me some veggies and fruities. I would make plans for the weekend but I won't carry them out, I got stuff to do, lots of "stuff" and I'll probably procrastinate it till a frantic moment in the near future at which case you will all know about it because I will write about it then.

I realized I haven't given you all a nice peak at my shining face in a while so this is what I look like today just so you know I haven't wasted away to some mutant form (depending on your opinion of what mutants look like of course). I hope it make you smile.Have a great weekend, I gotta real humdinger for the musical artist of the week on sunday.


b.r. said...

Dood, there's nothing quite like those bizarre and sometimes terrifying dreams that cold medication brings on. Enjoy those, they are puzzlers.

Hal Iverson said...

kale! Panic! I didn't bring any overalls with me to the UK...will I make it through student teaching?

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