Wednesday, January 21, 2009

M.O.P.S., Awesome Schoolage, and Beautiful Effortlessness

I got the M.O.P.S. To the lay man that's "Mucosal Over Production Syndrome" (A made up acronym for the fact that I'm plugged up like a drain full of pancake batter). I know you all are probably as sick of hearing about my various ailments as I am of having them. But in the last two days I have literally lost six pounds in snot alone. I am now so good at blowing my nose that I can do little ditties with the honking. Honk Honka Honk Honk...Honk Honk, like a car horn or a knock at the door.

What's even better is that I am even more nasally than I already naturally sound. Its embarrassing. My face is all puffed up and it looks like I just smoked a doobie, bloodshot, squinty. Five people told me I look bad today. You look sick. You don't look so good. "You Look Hooooorrible." Nothing like hearing that all before 10 am.

Luckily that is the only major downside of the day. School is going EFFING spactacular. Health Class is going great, we are doing a really abstract concept for the class. We had the kids make up puppets of imaginary people. Then we had them brainstorm all kinds of "teen issues" and we made a giant list. Today they picked out of a hat their teen issue for the week. Now they have to research it, make a plan to deal with it, and present it in puppet form to the rest of the class. They are totally into it because its a puppet and not them. What an accidental miracle.

Math classes are moving along ahead of necessary pace. I've got a bunch of WORKERS this semester. Way to go ladies!

Earth Science is a little dry (chemistry/physics basics so far so how else would it be?) but the kids are pushing through it and we try to make it fun (Periodic Table Bingo Today was hilarious).

PE class is going UN-believable too. We are now into week two of our work out routine. Yoga on Monday, and Tues/Weds/Thursday we do a ten minute stretch then a work out circuit that includes an abs station, a push up/dips station, a jumping cardio station, a sprints/running station, and an endurance holds station. We learned and played ultimate frisbee last week, and this week it is indoor soccer. They are loving it, participating, competing, playing like teams and NO COMPLAINING. Plus afterward you can tell they all feel better from getting their bodies moving. Plus its hard, so we are growing closer by overcoming something together.


Last year my personal life was awesome and school was a constant struggle. This semester its all flipped around. I guess you can't have everything in life but I sure wish you could. Life, its always gonna have something for you to overcome. Thats why I love those little effortless moments so much. Those moments in the sun when you dance, and play, and just forget about time and meaning and simply exist in the moment. Is that what its all about? The search for easy? I mean their is a satisfaction that comes from accomplishing something against all odds and rationale through grit and sweat and blood, a sort of triumph if you will, but there is also a specific beauty and calmness about things in life that are effortless. Of course climbing a mountain is worth it, but its soooo much fun to ski down you know?

What I'm trying to say is, if you're climbing a mountain, one step at a time baby! And if you're clicking into those boots at the top, enjoy the ride you lucky son of bitch!

Up or down, everything is in its right place.

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Allen said...

Dude.. Yeah man..
And soccer was really funny today. haha
yeah, i just wrote a few things today in my blog, haha.. more then you.. just kidding.. but not as interesting as you dude.. well its ok..
im special too.. hahahaha
idk well later dude

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