Thursday, October 30, 2008

"H" "A" double "L" "O" "W" Double "E" "N" Spells HALLOWEEN

Still Don't know what I'm going to be for halloween.

Need to make a cake for the cake walk, thinking pumpkin spice with vanilla frosting and candy corn decoration.

Got a care package from my mom: two bags of home made special mom recipe chex mix, more candy corn, milky ways and some other goodies.

Got my Anastasia Gardens replacement Siberian Cedar Pendant in the mail from my cousin Chris (Lost the original in a freak cliff jumping escapade at potholes this summer and haven't felt the same since).

Finally got my box of groceries today. All fruits and vegetable arrived safely 5 days late with one casualty a very smashed cucumber.

Yoga tonight, still encouraging as much male involvement as I can due to the fact that the ladies out number me 5 to 1.

Last but not least, my students will probably be cutting my hair at the Halloween carnival tomorrow. I have about six students who have passed phases already (don't know how much we'll add to this list) but I made a deal and I'll stick to it.
I certainly can't have just a weird shaggy cut so we'll probably just end up buzzing it. I think I'm ready, I've been wanting to do it for a while but now that the time is tomorrow I'm kind of nervous. I'd feel a lot better if there was a real hair cutter around.

So the next time you see me I should have short hair. Man, everyone will see how truly gigantic my ears are finally.

So say goodbye to the hair.


Erin said...

I can't wait to see your short hair! I'm so proud of your students for getting phases done! I wonder if mine would do the same if I said I would cut mine. If you want, you can come here this weekend and I can finish your haircut if you would like. I'm not the best but I've given quite a few during my college years.

I like that flannel shirt you're wearing. Looks comfy. If I ever do make it to visit you better hide it.

Susan Iverson said...

What costumes go with shaved heads? A baby, you could wear a giant diaper. An Olympic swimmer, you could wear a skimpy suit and shave your arms, legs, chest and any other body hair. A military guy, well, maybe not. I think I will actually miss your hair but it will grow back fast. Can't wait to see it. Have a good Halloween.

positivelystephie said...

hey is that your lost necklace?? or did you get another one? is your hair cut or what?

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