Monday, October 6, 2008

Yoga Club

I just finished making posters for "Yoga Club." I'm going to start offering my time and room and yoga video up for use in an effort to provide a different kind of fitness opportunity to our community that is not tied to Christianity like Youth Group Basketball time is, not tied to competition like sports are, and not tied to our gym use which is expensive for the school ($100 bucks to flip on the lights!).

I did yoga last night (alone), and I feel amazing today. Even though I've been at school for 12 plus hours today and now its 9 pm and I'm just finishing my lesson plans, I'm now going to lift weights on the Bowflex machine. Fitness, finally, I got to do it.

I think with a little internet savvy I could even tie it to SKYPE! Which means if you would like to participate out there in cyberspace all you need to do is have the skype program and a camera for your computer and you can join us!!!! I don't know if anyone on the island is going to participate but it would be soooooo cool if people did.

So here is the info:

Yoga Club
Meets in the evening in Mr. Iverson's Room at School (or by internet connection)
All Students, Staff, Parents, Siblings and Friends welcome
Come improve flexibility, fitness, breathing and circulation, and stress relief
Beginners Welcome
Come have fun with us for peace and wellness of body and mind!
I only have one yoga DVD but plan on getting more soon!

Hope you all are having a good week so far. I love you friends and family.


Susan Iverson said...

What a great idea Yoga club. I wish I could join you via Skype but I don't think the location of our computer is going to allow me room to move. I have never really done yoga and I am certainly not very flexible. I'm glad you seem to be happy getting into it. I hope you have a good turnout.

Jessie said...

Namaste :)

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