Thursday, August 14, 2008

I'm useful in my overalls.

With the new year underway we are in complete triage with only two days to go before those little monkeyheads come blasting through the doors of the Nuniwarmiut School . We've been hit with a barrage of seemingly ridiculous challenges.

Today in my school news:

1.) Giant Freezers outside died a couple of days ago destroying weeks worth of food...still working on how we'll feed the kids.
2.) Library has been moved, unmoved, removed and is now in chaos.
3.) Attic containing important books has been hit by a magical tornado.
4.) This years school schedule is locked inside a computer being serviced for a spilled coffee accident in Bethel.
5.) 150$ of my groceries were misplaced by the stupid Hageland Bush Air service people...I ate chili with spam tonight and will try to reclaim my losses from John the manager tomorrow.
6.) My shower will only heat to luke warm...yay.
7.) I have to fit in 17 students into my mini classroom and I may have inherited a harder math class to teach...yipee.
8.) our school is facing major budget deficit meaning school sports may be impossible this year.

Helpful things I did today.

1.) Figured out how to turn the propane tanks on for my neighbors
2.) Dropped off and Picked up people at the airport.
3.) Helped figure out the schedule crisis.
4.) Became the onsite tech advisor meaning I will be the contact for all internet disasters henceforth.
5.) Delivered complete, organized Writing Phase folders to new teachers.

Positive things happening in the face of crisis

1.) Unbelievably positive staff is united in facing possibly frustrating circumstances
2.) Maryanne and Ralph returned home today (congratulations on the marriage).
3.) Spam is good.
4.) All eleven of my fish survived the summer.
5.) People have been giving my a warm welcome back.
6.) I got 3 unbelievable care packages from my mom.
7.) I have a lot of TheraFlu.
8.) I subconsciously wore overalls today not even realizing it was friday!

There is seemingly so many obstacles to overcome right now that I am actually more at ease knowing that I can't/we can't possibly overcome them all before 8 am on monday morning. It will be a different kind of start this year...a slower, more disfunctional one maybe, but a positive one none the less.

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you would think spam is good.

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