Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Not Much to Say...

other than my life rocks....

thanks to the BuCrew boys for an awesome Retreat at the Potholes this last week.

Thanks also goes out to Gary Stillwell (and Pam too I imagine) for accepting the Site Administrator job out at my school in Mekoryuk, AK. I couldn't believe it when I heard the news but it should ensure that this will be a great year of learning and experiences for the kids at Nuniwarmiut School.

This weekend I'll be at the North West String Summit. I'll report back with photos and commentary when I return.

If you have any positive vibes send them my way.


Erin said...

Hee...hee..Glad you like the picture. It's my favorite one of you and makes me giggle when I look at it. However, I can replace it with a different one if you don't like it.

Glad to see the Potholes were fun. Reminds me of cliff jumping in an old quarry in Wisco. Fun!

Have fun this weekend. Have enough fun for both of us as I will be in the library all weekend developing thematic units to use for my research. Don't be jealous of the fun I'm going to have.

Do you think Gary's new job will influence Brian's job at all? I wonder if he will come to Mekoryuk first so he can work with Gary.

brandon young said...

hey man... how are you? so i saw franti last week. greatest concert ever. i am going to be in homer this year so if franti comes back i definitely want to hit up the show with you. you should come down for a visit this year. maybe thanksgiving or something. we'll do some fishing. hope your break is going good. take care.

Eunice Maggie said...

Hey Kale,
sounds like you had so much fun!

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