Thursday, July 24, 2008

Downtown Tacoma, Jazz, Coffee and sunshine

Just listening to a little jazz at a coffee shop in downtown Tacoma. Farmers market and then the park are soon to follow.

Later tonight I'm gonna go get a Flowmotion tune up at MASA on 6th Ave with some friends...Can't Wait!

I leave for Hawaii for a little over a week on Saturday afternoon. I'll post lots of photos and stories when I return.

Then only one more week and I'm back in the Bush. What a summer.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Northwest String Summit at Hornings Hideout

Another Great summer adventure is in the books. I'm back in town after 4 nights at Bob Hornings Property to see Yonder Mountain String Band, Keller Williams, a surprise Leftover Salmon set and a bunch of other great times.

As alwas It was a beautiful place to camp under the lanky pines. Hammocks were in full effect and so were the great people I camped with. We had an allstar crew of people all around and I loved getting to see all of my amazing festival friends as well as make some new ones.

Of course Yonder was amazing every night but the surprise of the weekend was on saturday night instead of a set break, Left Over Salmon showed up and played like 5 songs. They even played "Euphoria" and totally rocked. Even though it cut into my Yonder time I didn't mind all that much because when do you get to see Salmon!?

Then after another blazing set by Yonder with Darrel Anger and friends Keller Williams and the WMD's took over the late night set and played till 1:30 in the morning. IT WAS AMAZING to see Keller with a band and they didn't disappoint laying out groovy space disco jams after funky eclectic boogies.

I got all dressed up for the occasion. Sunday finished off nicely with a crazy almost everyone jam including Drew Emmit and Bill Nershi of String Cheese Incident and a whole host of other performers.

A special thanks goes out to all the amazing people in our crew. Stephie, Sharon, Sam, Matt, Marika (sp?), Becca, Scott, Jeff, Daniel, Will, Liz, Gavin, Boutle, Mark, Nick and Lori, Tanna, Casey, Hans, Merlin, Derek, and anyone else I missed for making this such a great weekend!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Not Much to Say...

other than my life rocks....

thanks to the BuCrew boys for an awesome Retreat at the Potholes this last week.

Thanks also goes out to Gary Stillwell (and Pam too I imagine) for accepting the Site Administrator job out at my school in Mekoryuk, AK. I couldn't believe it when I heard the news but it should ensure that this will be a great year of learning and experiences for the kids at Nuniwarmiut School.

This weekend I'll be at the North West String Summit. I'll report back with photos and commentary when I return.

If you have any positive vibes send them my way.

Monday, July 7, 2008


Its been a while since I did an update and I never did get around to talking about Mexico. Its a little bit less fresh in my memory than when I first returned so I'm not going to go the the difficult process trying to remember all the details so I'll just say what memories have endured. I haven't been to Mexico since I was 18 years old and I only went to Tiajuana with my parents, brother and best friend.

This time I went with my best friend from college and a whole bunch of amazing people that are his friends. See the crew below.

We were fortunate enough to stay at the beautiful Zaragoza Family property. Karina invited us into her home and her parents came the second day and cooked us deep fried half cornish game hens. Not staying in a hotel, but rather, with a real family from Rosorito was the best part of the trip. Not only did I feel safe and authentic I got to see a whole different side of Mexico besides the often catered to tourist safe streets that most American travelers get to see.

Karina took us to Puerto Nuevo the first night to eat Lobster. I in all honesty haven't had lobster before and this was fresh from the ocean and incredible. 4 pounds, rice beans and tortillas fo 40 bucks. Amazing.

And then we danced. I will simply say that I love to dance and dance we did...SO HARD!

The next day we spent the whole day at the beach sun bathing, playing bocci ball, swimming in the ocean and eating and drinking the flavors of Mexico.

After a whole day at the beach in the sun we returned back to the house for those famous chickens and then a much needed nap before heading back out for another night of boogie down antics. I remember thinking "I'm not going back to the US, I could stay here forever." I know thats messed up but its was the most spontaneous, exotic, out of the ordinary trip I've taken all summer and I didn't really want to leave.

But leave we did and after a two our border wait we were once again back the ol U S of A.

I did have a good week back, got to go up to Rattlesnake Lake with Stephie, got to go out on the town in Tacoma with my MAT friends Katie, Will, Kary (sp?) and Merriam (sp?). And then fourth of July at home with the family and friends for a good old fashioned Iverson Family get together finished off a solid week here in Washington. But I'd be lying if I said I don't think about returning to Mexico for lobster, beaches, speaking spanish and dancing with good friends.

In other related news...It finally happened. I started to miss Alaska. I mean I don't miss the loneliness, the hard work and the somtimes stubborn situations. But I miss having my personal time to reflect, play music, blog, write, and cook. Summer is one recreational trip after another, I never get any time to settle, think, live a normal day. My life is a constant pursuit of leisure, which is great, but I'm starting to feel kind of useless. I do the best I can to see everyone but its hard to fit it all in. And now, summer is already halfway over and I'm starting to think about returning to my school, not knowing who the principal is, but knowing the people.

Summer still has quite a few adventures left for me. This weekend: Camping and fishing at the Potholes with the BU Crew. Next Weekend: Northwest String Summit with Yoner Mountain String Band, Keller Williams and the Emmit Nershi Band. The Week after that is Hawaii with my Family. The week after that Flowmotion Summer Meltdown and then I leave.

Speaking of leaving I need buy my plane tickets and find a place to stay in Bethel for inservice...anyone?

Till next time, your leisure specialist salutes all you working folks out there.

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