Tuesday, June 10, 2008

What the Hell Is Going On

Upon awakening for class today, my brother felt the need to awaken me from my warm and lonely slumber to inform me that something remarkable was taking place outside. I was thinking in my head "What is it snowing or something?"

Then he said, "Dude its a freaking white out snow blizzard!" ...or something like that I can't remember I just woke up.

Dude indeed, he was right, I peered through the blinds out the window and this is what I saw!
Thats right, call it climate change, call it coincedence, call it a freak of nature or call it a miracle but don't call it normal, SNOW IN MID JUNE IN PULLMAN is absolutely unbelievable, no, its ludicrous, no its unacceptable.

Normally I would be ever so excited to go frolic out in the summer winterland, theres just one problem...I JUST FREAKING CAME FROM THERE. I don't want snow. I don't want to see it for 3 months. I want 90 degree heat, sunshine, armpit and ass so hot you have to lay in a kiddy pool hot summer weather, I need it actually, want has nothing to do with it. But it looks like that dirty bastard Mr. Winter has followed me to the barren desert of the Washington Columbia Valley.

What if this continues? What if everywhere I go it snows? What if global warming and subsequent ice age just started just for m and there will never be summer again? What if I never feel heat again? What if, nay, Oh MY GOD (thats not there) what if I never get to go swimming in a lake in the sweltering eve of a July evening again. Oh lord (I don't believe in) you have smited me oh mighty smiter why oh why oh why have you done this. What did I do to deserve eternal winter? Fine but don't expect any witty banter or angelic poetry from me in the afterlife, just send me straight to hell, at least there its HOT!

That last photo is taken from downtown Pullman, I'm currently enjoying a triple 16 oz. Irish Creme Latte at the Daily Grind coffee shop. I had a breakfast burrito too and they gave me a fruit cup to go with. I'm not really a fan of canned fruit but I guess I should eat it, there are starving people in Africa that would if they could. I have to say though at there its warm (Ok enough snow bashing).

What else has been going on lately? I've been doing some fishing down at the snake river with my brother (no pics sorry...living in the moment). I caught a nice little large mouth bass yesterday but we weren't very successful the rest of the day so I let him go (till next time). I think fishing in Alaska spoiled me, I'm used to going to a river, with no skill, and pulling out 5-10 giant trout and then going home. So far all we've caught is 3-4 smallish large mouth bass, a few tiny small mouth bass, a squaw fish, and a couple baby steel heads. Pathetic.

I read some poetry at open mic night last night. I wrote this one poem last year in Tacoma and read it and everyone laughed so hard. It was about love and had a bunch of metaphors and similes and I was very sad when I wrote it. But last night, in my ornery state, it was incredibly funny. Everyone was laughing and enjoying the tragedy that was my view on love. I delivered it in my best Mitch Hedberg styling and it totally killed! I've posted it before I think, but I let everyone have another go of it.

November 5th, 2007

A loves end comes dirty and ashamed like a child fallen in mud.
Or sometimes, like a rabbit jumping into a burrow.
Other times it goes out like a fire in a raining morning.
Love leaves us and we leave it like a little brother on a Saturday night.
Love scares us like a car accident, inevitable, calm and shocking.
Love wanders out of our lives as the elderly wander aisle to aisle in a store.
Love warns us like a beacon lighthouse off the shore of rocky oblivion.
Love staggers us like a punch in the gut.
Love lifts us above its head and says "Who's my special boy?"
Love takes hostages and tortures them endlessly.
Love sweeps us into a dustpan.
It can begin in a shore break crashing the beach and then ebb away glimmering in the sand.
Scars as permanent as bullet holes it leaves behind.
Love embeds itself in our shattered marrow.
Love is empty like the cup that I drink from.
Love is a game where nobody wins and somebody loses.
Unbalanced love, the worst kind, tips the scales in pricey directions.
Love knows your faults and eats them for breakfast.
Love strings you out on a clothes line.
Love is warm like an old blanket.
Love is cold like and empty home.
Love is strenuous like an uphill climb.
Love is easy like a water slide.
Love is a place you love to go but seldom do.
Love is where you grew up.
Love is where you grow old.
Love is massive and twinkling.
Love is scrawny and weak.
Love is an embarrassment to the family.
Love is unacceptable and expected.
Love is somewhere in Antarctica.
Love is a crater on the moon.
Love, oh love, is sweet in the cupcake sort of way.
Love thinks cupcakes are disgusting.
Love is a cheater like that friend who always tries to look at your cards.
Love is the end of a French film, confusing and unsatisfying.
Love doesn't have subtitles.
Love and the wind cry Mary.
In the dark night in a jungle of love, oh how the kookaburras sing.

So yeah, I don't know if I feel like that exactly anymore, but hey, maybe neither does love.

On to other things (in case you haven't noticed I'm trying to make it up to you my faithful readers for the lack of posting) I'm feeling very somber lately. It seems that summer comes at a price. Not a monetary price so much (although my bank account has noticed) but a price of the mind. I frequently have the same cycle of thoughts running through my head.

The first being all the crap I need to do to get ready for class this fall. Why am I thinking about school, I'm not even home 3 weeks and already I'm thinking of Alaska. Then I think about how I don't even know if I really want to go back to Alaska right now. I mean I am going back, I signed the contract, my crap is still there, but I don't know if I really want to go back for another winter. I've met so many cool people already, and spent time with them and family, and they just seem so much more important to me then the good people of bush Alaska. I'm not talking down on them, I'm just realizing that I took the Washington people for granted. Then I think well dude, you are going back so you better enjoy it here and stop thinking about all that stuff. And then I think well crap, there are so many people to see and so much stuff to do before I go back that I better make sure I do it all and see everyone. And then that builds into more pressure in my mind thinking that the only thought that kept me going all winter long was this peaceful easy existence of leisurely enjoying a summer free of responsibility only to find that it is completely overgrown by a different kind of responsibility, a responsibility to people. Then I think, you know what, I worked my ass off all summer so I could be a leaf in the wind this summer, and I need to stop telling people where I'm going to be and doing all the planning. If I'm going to live in the moment and be summer rambler then I need to tell people to keep me updated on what they're doing in life. Then I'll pick what I WANT to do instead of stretching my life and mind thin trying to please other people. I know this all sounds very un Radiate Warmth but seriously, I can't do any good, or give any love if I'm always stressed out trying to make sure I see everyone and equal amount of time so that no one feels left out. Its stupid. So I say, "If I'm with you right now, we're together, where we should be, and if not, then enjoy where you're at and we'll get where we're supposed to be ok?"

And with that I guess I'll leaf it (bah dum psh).


Reese-E said...

haha! i just wrote a blog today about how it's not hot enough for me in california! but at least it's not snowing! that's crazy!!

and as for stressing out, stop stressing! your dear friends that love you so much can always go visit you in AK if they don't get to see you this summer! seriously, i mean, you're busting your butt to see everyone, they can go see you, too. :) cheer up! and try to stay warm!

Delcie said...

hey Mr. I, over here theres still snow down the beach, not much but still snow. Here at times, its been raining, rain and snow, but not no more, but it's been cold here, north-northwest winds. but its getting greener here. Was it actual snow or wet snow?

positivelystephie said...

you kill me... and now you know how it is to be a little more like me! :)

Anonymous said...

I have had to read your blog a couple of times because it makes me laugh. I'm in eternal winter/fall, and am waiting for spring/summer!


Dirk Martin said...

Mr. Iverson -
I can't believe that you still have snow. As for me, I would welcome cooler weather. Violent storms ripped through parts of Maryland the night I flew in. Days following were oppressively hot and muggy, which is quite a change from our Bering Sea climate. It was too much. Katja has resorted to lying on the cool tile floor in my parents house most of the day.
As for seeing everyone this summer, it will leave you exhausted. It's true, if you build it they will come. Let your peeps know you are home and let them come.
Dude, this fall is going to be sweet on the island. And we will hang and fish and pick berries until our hands our blue. Have a restful summer.

Alaskan Teacher Mentor Pat said...

Love the one you're with, kid. You always do. Summer is for reviving so you go back fresh and refreshed to do what you do so well....teach and inspire your students.

The snow just came to remind you that its not about the weather.

I'm enjoying Taiwan- check out my blog. Pat

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