Monday, May 19, 2008

Preemptive Summer Tunes

Inspired by a late night cleaning, sweeping and mopping session I decided to clue you into a couple of my cleaning favorites.

Note the two songs playing sweet nectar of the summer gods into your ears on the project playlist to the right:

Steely Dan: "Peg" nothing like a little Steely Dan to kick start summer early, feel that high pitched disco groove and bass line? I suggest standing up where ever you're at and getting your summer groove on.

Beck "Debra" This sultry song about picking up a sexy woman (Jenny) at JCPenny and Wine and Dining her just so that he can get with her sister is a summer favorite to belt out at the top of my lungs with my friends in the waning summer sun (especially at a BBQ). This song is highly inappropriate and also highly infectious and contagious, once you know the words you'll be grabbing a mop and lip syncing with the best of us.

2/3 days to go MAN C'MON!

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hdt said...

Hey, hopefully we might be able to get together sometime while you are up here...I'm always checking my email and can send you contact info that way. Maybe we can make it a mini-MAT'ers reunion! Talk to you soon, hdt.

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