Monday, May 19, 2008

The Grades are in

I gave my kids an end of the year survey:

Their top two favorite memories were: The Eggsperiment Egg Laboratory and watching "Planet Earth" Movies, and walking to the beach, and labs.

Their least favorite activities were: Homework, notes, Reading, Bio Jeopardy, and not following through on the Egg Drop...

Things I could have done better: Be funnier, don't give too many notes, be even funnier, cut my hair, shave my beard, let us chew gum, take care of coffee breath, make students more interactive in the stuff we do, calm down, be more awesome

Mr. Iverson's grade as a teacher: B-, B, B+, A-, A-, A, A, A+, A+, , A+, A+, (Averages out to an A-) not so bad I think.

It wasn't a very formal feedback method I know but they are very shy to give criticism, I was hoping a couple of them would cut into me a little more. But, I think they were being nice.

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ms. cugno to some said...

that's a pretty decent average there from such a tough crowd. Congrats on being sooo close! hope to talk to you before you leave, unless things are crazy...

p.s. coffee breath, what? What about the orange tic tacs??

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