Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Hey Hey Tuesday

Yesterday I went on a walk with the Pam and Gary around town, down to the rock harbor point or "Number 2" as its called around here, and then crossed the melting snow out the now exposed sand dunes.

There was again, really really cool lichen all over, but the sun has brought it out even stronger.

The old Department of the Interior service truck out in dunes was emerging from the snowpack and I took this photo of an old mechanical dinosaur still clinging to the last remaining notions of a structure. Its official use is now only to rust.

Pam and Gary are leaving tomorrow and I'm really sad, I found such a big part of my heart for them. I know we'll meet again and I want to go to Texas for the sole reason of visiting with my new friends.

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hdt said...

I hope you do get to visit your friends! And get a "Don't Mess With Texas" t-shirt.

On a previous post you said something about the drop in comments. Well, subs are being slammed right now so I definitely think teachers/sub teachers are very busy. And also, be happy people comment at all. No one, except really you, comments on my blog but I still keep plugging along for some reason!

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