Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Humpdate Update...the abbreviated version.

Well I had planned on doing a full fledged update today. Then I got summoned to help take the 5 kassak girls from West High in Anchorage and their German teacher Lady Dagmar out to manuk (fish) on the far river after school. This meant I got to drive a snogo so I was in. With Dagmar snuggly planted behind me in her turquise, pink and fo fur parka, our caravan of 4 snogos, 10 people, and a diesel ice drill headed out to the river. It was beautiful, the fishing was fun, the girls were, well, chatty high school girls. I forgot what high school girls from the city sounded like, I don't miss that so much. They had a blast though and that was good for them. Some big fish were caught, some small ones too. I didn't catch any, I was helping a lot though. The river was so shallow under the ice you could see all the fish swimming up to your bait if you laid down and looked in the whole while you jigged, and that was awesome!

It got super cold on the ride back and I'm still waiting for my fingers, toes and nose to regain feeling. So I got home, stinking like gasoline, starving for food, and frozen and physically strained from the very unusually long Wednesday (a secret fave of mine of the weekdays). Instead of making a normal dinner I decided to eat how I felt, cold and smoky. I had a cold leftover musk ox steak half and 6 smoked salmon strips. I ate with my curled and stiff fingers and just tore at it like I was in a cave. Afterwards, I was stuffed from all the fats and oils, I smelled like all sorts of smoked and gamey delights, but it made me feel strong. I almost feel like I belong here.

I had such a good day today. The post office trip was a doozie too! I got three Netflix movies, a post card from my best friend Randall outlining the summer activities I can look forward to with him, and my Cedar Medallion Pendent from The Ringing Cedars Website. I put it to my heart with my left hand as instructed by the old men in the Anastasia book and I'll be damned if I didn't feel a tingling, warm sensation come over me right away. Today I feel amazing, just living and breathing, strong, alive, tough and hearty and full of energy even after all my arctic adventure.

Since this isn't going to be a normal Wednesday update I'll just leave it as this. I think its been entertaining enough!


positivelystephie said...

you do belong there! you belong where ever you are! I am so happy you are so good! did you ever get my last postcard?
giving you a dot from prague!

Anonymous said...

Kale, i work with your dad down here at Boeing i will try and write to you tomorrow if i get alittle more time.. Great blog .


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